Ideal for Fibre Channel or IP SAN applications at mid-range to large enterprises

With Enterprise Scalable Virtualized Architecture (ESVA), Infortrend has revolutionized the landscape enterprise storage. ESVA systems are powerful Fibre Channel and IP SAN solutions that provide lower total costs of ownership (TCO) and seamless integration into existing corporate infrastructures. Featuring storage virtualization and scale-out technologies, the ESVA family enables you to achieve true reliability, unlimited scalability, and exceptional price-performance ratios.


  1. Top tier Fibre Channel and IP SAN storage created for enterprises
  2. ROI-focused design for optimized big data storage performance
  3. Scale out capabilities support innovative enterprise growth and long term vision
  4. Complete data protection and management with the Cluster File System
  5. Robust and acclaimed Infortrend quality plus assured reliability


Product Choices

* Models vary by region 

FC-host Series

Designed to support powerful, reliable, and flexible Fibre Channel (FC) SAN

iSCSI-host Series

Designed to support powerful, reliable, and flexible IP SAN

Cluster File System

Offers a high performance solution for file sharing and data storage

JBOD Series

Add capacity quickly and easily to meet growing storage demands