Exponential data growth and terabyte-sized project data sets are placing intense pressure on datacenter managers. In addition, performance demands, data protection and compliance with various regulatory requirements are also key issues. 

Infortrend's high-performance, reliable and scalable storage solutions help you optimize your information assets and cope with performance demands from within the enterprise, as well as a changing regulatory climate, new technologies and customer expectations from outside the company. Infortrend's solutions also will help minimize downtime and management efforts, while meeting compliance requirements.

  • Easily manage and expand capacity for rapidly growing information
  • Ensure service and operation continuity and customer satisfaction during storage scaling and maintenance
  • Accelerate decision-making by fully understanding the market and resource information
  • Ensure smooth exploration, production and operation processes, and enable easy collaboration with up- and downstream segments.
  • Retain clear and secure database for multiple regulatory compliance requirements.
  • ESVA Family - Ideal for Fibre Channel or IP SAN applications of mid-range to large enterprises
  • EonStor DS Family - Entry-level storage solutions delivering excellent price-performance and advanced data protection
  • EonNAS Family - Serves file and block-based applications with a unified storage platform