Energy and Utilities

Streamline operations, ensure regulatory compliance and optimize  facilities management

Exponential data growth and terabyte-sized project data sets are placing intense pressure on datacenter managers. In addition, performance demands, data protection and compliance with various regulatory requirements are also key issues.

Infortrend's high-performance, reliable and scalable storage solutions help you optimize your information assets and cope with performance demands from within the enterprise, as well as a changing regulatory climate, new technologies and customer expectations from outside the company. Infortrend's solutions also will help minimize downtime and management efforts, while meeting compliance requirements.

Distributed Load Balance

Experience optimized performance with dynamic, automatic load balancing

Remote Replication

Provides excellent solutions for disaster recovery, data backup or migration over a long distance

Thin Provisioning

Increase storage utilization, simplify capacity planning and management tasks

Automated Storage Tiering

Meet service level requirements by optimizing the utilization of HDDs, SSDs, and RAID levels

* models very by region

EonStor DS Family

Complete storage solutions delivering excellent price-performance ratios and advanced data protection

ESDS 1012
ESDS 1016
ESDS 1024B
ESDS 3012
ESDS 3016
ESDS 3024
ESDS 3024B
ESDS 3048
ESDS 3060
EonNAS Family

Serves file and block-based applications with a unified storage platform

EonNAS 3012
EonNAS 3016
ESVA Family

Ideal for Fibre Channel or IP SAN applications at mid-range to large enterprises

ESVA E75-2230
ESVA E75-2230L
ESVA F75-2830
ESVA F75-2830L