Infortrend's integrated storage solutions meet IT challenges for different applications on different platforms. Our comprehensive solutions allow enterprises and SMBs to improve business operations with the latest technologies. Combining advanced features with tested integration and reduced operational costs, Infortrend offers storage solutions that best meet your business needs.

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2.5 吋硬碟儲存方案

Optimize IOPS-per-U while trimming power costs

Cloud Service

Powerful Cloud Features to Leverage Flexibility of Cloud


Simplify storage management with user-friendly management tools

全快閃儲存(All-Flash Storage)

Greatly increase performance while reducing energy costs

混合儲存(Hybrid Storage)

Maximize SSD performance and HDD capacity utilization while optimizing data storage


Lower your power consumption costs and contribute to environmental sustainability


Efficiently protect and recover data to ensure availability

Media and Entertainment

Optimize content creation with high-performance and reliable storage solutions


Flexible capacity and high-performance storage solutions for intense data image requirements


High-availability storage for public sector institutions operating with a limited budget


Facilitate research and learning with efficient centralized storage


Streamline operations, ensure regulatory compliance and optimize facilities management


Responsive and reliable services with optimized storage solutions


Efficient and reliable storage platforms to drive better patient care

Microsoft 解決方案

Full optimization for Microsoft environments

VMware 解決方案

Seamless integration with VMware vSphere environments

Automated Storage Tiering

Meet service level requirements by optimizing the utilization of HDDs, SSDs, and RAID levels

Cloud Service

Powerful Cloud Features to Leverage Flexibility of Cloud


Storage Management Made Easy with Infortrend’s Intuitive Guiding Tool

Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR)

Smarter RAID 6 drive clone/replace, data recovery, and media scan

Local Replication

Snapshot and volume copy/mirror capabilities

Multi-pathing (EonPath)

Accelerate throughput and ensure uninterrupted operations

Remote Replication

Provides excellent solutions for disaster recovery, data backup or migration over a long distance


User-friendly management tool for Infortrend storage systems


Point-in-time, space-saving copies

SSD Cache

Greatly accelerate read IOPS

Thin Provisioning

Increase storage utilization, simplify capacity planning and management tasks

Volume Copy/Mirror

Quickly restore production with full data copies