Infortrend Expands Its EonStor DS Line

Network storage provider Infortrend has added 6 Gb/s SAS host solutions to the EonStor DS G7, the latest member of its EonStor DS family of storage solutions.

The new systems have been designed to enable SMBs to enhance storage performance and scalability in direct attached storage (DAS) environments.

Though DAS remains the preferred infrastructure for accessing stored data among many SMBs, it has its limits, especially when it comes to increasing storage demands.


Infortrend improves DAS environments with addition of EonStor DS G7

Infortrend announced the addition of 6Gb/s SAS-host solutions to the EonStor DS G7, the latest generation of its EonStor DS family of storage solutions. The new systems enable SMBs and enterprises to enhance storage performance and scalability in Direct Attached Storage (DAS) environments, still the preferred infrastructure to access stored data for many organizations due to its satisfactory performance and easy deployment.


Infortrend adds new 6Gb/s SAS host solutions to EonStor DS G7 family

The EonStor DS G7 SAS solutions provide excellent data protection with snapshot and volume copy/mirror features, which are available as standard to enhance cost efficiency.

"Our EonStor DS G7 RAID systems come with advanced hardware platforms that deliver superior performance and scalability," said Thomas Kao, senior director of product planning at Infortrend. "Today's announcement marks a further expansion of our EonStor DS G7 line-up, adding SAS systems to the Fibre Channel systems announced earlier this year. As with the rest of the EonStor DS family, the G7 arrays are available at competitive prices to help organizations meet their storage requirements within limited IT budgets."


Infortrend EonStor DS G7 Series Announced

Infortrend has added a 6Gb/s SAS solution to the EonStor DS G7 series, the latest generation of its EonStor DS family of storage products. These new Direct Attached Storage (DAS) systems follow up on new fibre channel systems announced earlier in the year. The EonStor DS G7 provides throughput of up to 5,200 MB/s and support up to 400K IOPS, and customers can scale them to 240 disk drives in just 30U of rack space to flexibly meet business growth.



Infortrend Flash

Infortrend's newly released DS S48F high density storage chassis supports 48 x 3.5" SAS 7200 RPM disk drives in a 4U form factor. Users can scale the system up to 240 drives by adding four external JBOD chassis to the controller unit. Each controller provides 4 x 8Gb FC ports, 2 x Gb/s iSCSI ports and a 6Gb SAS port for chassis expansion. The DS S48F is available with single and dual controller configurations, plus redundant, hot-swappable hardware components to eliminate single points of failure. This unit is designed to bring high density, high reliability storage to Infortrend's mid-market customer base.


Automated Storage Tiering: Helping Enterprises Increase Data Storage Efficiency

In enterprise datacenters, the focus of IT managers is evolving from pursuing the latest technologies and resources to ensuring that existing available resources are used most efficiently. By optimizing efficiency, enterprises can better protect their investments and ensure they achieve a high ROI.

In data storage, this development trend is similarly evident, highlighted by up-and-coming features, such as data deduplication and thin provisioning, that optimize storage utilization and have become widely popular in the market.

Another example is automated storage tiering, a technology gradually moving to the mainstream of the enterprise storage market. Automated storage tiering can help enterprises meet a wide array of service level requirements in the datacenter with an automated architecture that increases ROI and simplifies management.