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南韓首爾 Gwanak-Gu 行政區採用 Infortrend 高可用性資料儲存機種,部署數千座 CCTV 攝影機,打造日夜運作不間斷的影像監控系統


The Office of Gwanak-Gu, second most populated district of Seoul

  • Limited rack space
  • Storage bay connection cable complexity
  • Reliable data store in virtualization
  • Support for 24/7 non-stop surveillance operation

Infortrend surveillance storage solutions :

  • 4U 60-bay high density and capacity storage with compact form factor
  • Redundant controllers and components for high availability, non-stop operation and easy maintenance
  • VMware support

南韓首爾 Gwanak-Gu 行政區採用 Infortrend 高可用性資料儲存機種,部署數千座 CCTV 攝影機,打造日夜運作不間斷的影像監控系統

"Since we first decided to opt for Infortrend storage, we have subsequently expanded our system three times with Infortrend solutions. We are satisfied with Infortrend’s multiple advantages such as excellent performance, compact design, and support for virtualization. Overall, it’s an excellent choice.” – Donghyun Lim, Officer, CCTV Surveillance Center, Safety Management Division, Gwanak-Gu Office.

The Office of Gwanak-Gu, the second most populated district of Seoul, has a CCTV Surveillance Center to take charge of the area’s surveillance work. Since its establishment in 2010, the center has expanded from an operation of 400 units of SD cameras to 2,250 units of FHD cameras plus 300 units of SD cameras at present. With the fast growth in scale, the center encountered these issues :

1. Limited rack space

the equipment first took only 7 racks in the space of 14 racks in 2010 and now the devices fill up 16 racks, already exceeding the limitation of 14 racks.

2. Increasing IT administration complexity

to overcome the challenges of surveillance VMS server virtualization, IT administration is becoming very complicated and often requires many people to come together to solve system issues

3. 24/7 non-stop surveillance operation

city surveillance has to run around the clock without interruption and this requires storage solutions with high reliability and availability.

Compact and High Performance Infortrend Storage is the Perfect Fit

The Gwanak-Gu Office was running out of rack space and this prompted the IT administrators to look for high density storage solutions with high throughput. Infortrend stood out from other competitors in the Gwanak-Gu Office’s selection process and was chosen for its compact form factor, tremendous capacity expansion, and high performance features, which were just the right fit for Gwanak-Gu’s needs.

Fully satisfied with Infortrend storage, the Gwanak-Gu Office has chosen Infortrend solutions four times to expand its surveillance system. Now Infortrend storage systems support Gwanak-Gu’s 24/7 non-stop operation comprising 2500+ cameras, with plans to use more than 7PB of physical capacity for its fifth expansion in the second half of 2017.

"We began to look for compact storage in 2012 due to space problems. Infortrend cooperated with our performance test and was selected from a total of four competing vendors. We are satisfied with many of Infortrend’s benefits.” – Donghyun Lim, Officer, CCTV Surveillance Center, Safety Management Division, Gwanak-Gu Office.

Infortrend Storage with High Reliability and Availability Ensures Uninterrupted Operation

It is critical for the Gwanak-Gu Office to maintain 24/7 continuous operation of its surveillance work. This requires the support of storage solutions with high reliability and high availability. Infortrend storage’s dual controller feature, high availability design and hot swappable modular components ensure minimum downtime and uninterrupted operation for Gwanak-Gu.

Infortrend’s All-round Support and Simple Management Resolves IT Administration Complexity

IT administration complexity increases with the growth of their system scale so the Gwanak-Gu Office needs prompt and responsive technical support in the case of system issues. Infortrend’s proactive and convenient support service helps Gwanak-Gu IT officers resolve issues faster and enhance operation efficiency. The modular design and simple management of Infortrend storage also makes it easy for Gwanak-Gu IT officers to install, configure, and control their Infortrend storage.

"It is really simple to install and begin. It takes two or three days to put the systems in the rack, install disks and connect JBODs. Also, it's not hard to configure because it is based on Cisco UCS server and VMware vCenter architecture. Infortrend is an excellent choice.” – Donghyun Lim, Officer, CCTV Surveillance Center, Safety Management Division, Gwanak-Gu Office.
System DiagramSystem Diagram
About Gwanak-Gu

Gwanak District (Gwanak-Gu) is nestled in the southwestern part of Seoul with a population 520,000, the second highest in Seoul. Gwanak-Gu is the most popular district for its attractions, such as Seoul National University, the top-ranked university in Korea, and Mt. Gwanak, which has a popular hiking trail with Seoul citizens. It is especially famous for 'General Gang Gam-chan(Goryeo General) Festival' held in every spring. For more information, visit www.gwanak.go.kr


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