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Data Service License

SSD Cache

SSD Cache leverages the high speed and low latency of SSDs in delivering faster read performance while accessing vital data under high frequency and demand. This feature helps users meet high I/O loads and storage capacity requirements while dramatically boosting performance. SSD Cache presents advantages in read traffic-intensive environments such as online transaction processing (OLTP) and email (Microsoft Exchange).

Applicable models: EonStor GS/GSe/GSe Pro/DS

Advanced Automated Storage Tiering

Automated storage tiering fully leverages the advantages of different storage media including SSDs for high-performance I/Os, and HDDs for massive data archive. It allows users to flexibly assign applications to two or four available tiers distinguished by different drive types and RAID levels. Furthermore, users can optimize storage performance and greatly increase ROI.

Applicable models: EonStor GS/GSe/GSe Pro/DS

Remote Replication & Advanced Local Replication

Replication capability allows users to create full data copies across storage systems or within a single storage system in synchronous or asynchronous mode. If the source data fails due to system malfunctions or disasters, users can leverage the disk-based remote copy to restart services in just a few minutes. If the source needs to resume its role, it can quickly be synced with the remote copy while adjusting only for differences.

Before purchasing Infortrend Remote Replication software license, Infortrend recommends double checking your own remote replication configuration plan, to ensure an appropriate operation of data replication in the customer's environment.

Applicable models: EonStor GS/GSe/GSe Pro/DS

Network Video Recorder

Flexible surveillance is required with the ever-increasing needs of security management. Infortrend storage systems offer cost-effective solutions with reliable NVR features and intuitive controls to safeguard your workshop, office, or other environments, while providing smart surveillance and video management tools to protect your valuable assets.

Applicable models: EonStor GSe Pro

Thin Provisioning

Thin provisioning allows users to allocate a large amount of virtual capacity for an application server regardless of actual physical capacity, and it is used only when data writes occur. By automatically allocating capacity to applications, it can significantly increase storage utilization and also greatly simplify capacity planning and management tasks. Thin provisioning enables you to purchase only the disk capacity you actually need, preventing the complexity of capacity allocation and long-term power arrangements.

Default included in EonStor GS/GSe/GSe Pro/DS and EonServ

Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR)

Infortrend IDR offers superior RAID protection and recovery, increasing integrity and system efficiency while preventing your data from errors and losses. Working best in RAID 6, IDR uses spare drives for cloning and replacing data. IDR clones faulty drives and is capable for recovering bad sectors or blocks automatically in the background without interrupting the current work processes. Together with HDD S.M.A.R.T (Self monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology), IDR offers smart media scan, which detects errors before they actually become a problem. It takes into account I/O demand while avoiding performance degradation and can also be scheduled either manually automatically.

Default included in EonStor GS/GSe/GSe Pro/DS and EonServ