Uninterrupted availability is crucial for enterprises worldwide. Infortrend’s high availability storage solutions help enterprises and SMBs achieve their goals by ensuring non-stop system availability, which decreases the risk of unexpected interruptions and downtime.

Redundant controllers prevent downtime

Redundant dual controllers mean your system is always available with double the fault tolerance of single controller units. In the event that one controller fails, the second controller takes over and keeps connectivity going with fast failover. Enterprise-critical data stays always reachable with virtually no delay when using systems with redundant controllers.


Powerful ZFS boosts data integrity

Adding to reliability, the latest build of the advanced ZFS gives your business access to better data corruption prevention and repair, media scanning, unlimited snapshot, remote replication, and pool mirror.

Modular and hot swap hardware design

Host boards, power suppliers, and cooling modules all use a slide-in cable-free design. No tools required, just plug n play when installing or performing maintenance, and the overall system can keep working disruption-free. It’s the reliable path to high availability.

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