EonStor DS 1000 systems bring you the enterprise-class upgrade at affordable SMB-friendly prices! They deliver powerful performance, great connectivity, and rich data services for SAN, IP SAN, and DAS – all backed by premium reliability

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ESDS 1012

ESDS 1016

ESDS 1024B

Spectacular performance

Up to 380K IOPS with 5,500MB/s read and 1,900MB/s write ensure segment-defining throughput and an end to bottlenecks due to slow storage. Time to move faster!

Onboard iSCSI plus hybrid host

Expand storage versatility with standard 1Gb iSCSI and choice of 10Gb iSCSI, 8Gb/16Gb FC, or 6Gb SAS. Run more applications without extra switches or converters for additional savings

Robust reliability and emergency backup

Assured quality with choice of maintenance-free super capacitors or hot-swappable backup battery unit (BBU) to protect data against loss due to power outages

Scales to accommodate growth

Up to 324 drives via compatible JBOD, with support for 6TB disks – nearly 2PB capacity gives you plenty of room to expand as needed

Enterprise-class data services

Better utilize capacity with automated storage tiering, plus leverage remote replication for disaster recovery. Snapshot, local replication, thin provisioning, and more!

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