Infortrend now offers automated storage tiering and remote replication on all EonStor DS 3000 RAID systems for SMB and enterprise deployments. Storage tiering allows users to enhance performance and save costs by assigning applications to the most suitable drive types, while remote replication delivers highly effective protection against major disruptions such as natural disasters.

Automated Storage Tiering

Make the most of SSD and triple performance

All EonStor DS 3000 systems now support intelligent sorting of data to different storage performance levels to fully leverage SSD. This occurs automatically without taking up your time or system resources, and results in up to three times the performance with vastly improved capacity utilization. Data hotness is calculated automatically based on access frequency and length of retention, so mission-essential data is assigned to the fastest drives, while bulk data goes to archival tiers with large capacities where speed is less vital. With automated storage tiering, less hardware offers more performance – leading to tangible savings.

White Paper: EonStor DS automated storage tiering

Remote Replication

128-bit encrypted disaster recovery

This is the ultimate defense against major disruptions to your IT infrastructure. By placing copies of your entire data set at a remote location offsite, you unlock quick and reliable recovery from disasters, large scale system failures, viral attacks, and cyber intrusions. Highly secure and easy to employ, remote replication support on EonStor DS 3000 systems gives you peace of mind, as it means you can get back up and running in practically any scenario, minimizing downtime and business loss.

Application Note: SANWatch Configurations for Remote Replication on EonStor DS

More data services included

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