Compact, smart, and efficient high density

2U small form factor RAID storage with increased density and rich data services

EonStor DS 3024B RAID enterprise storage systems for SAN and DAS applications deliver the benefits of high density architecture in a small form factor (SFF). With their 2U rackmount chassis, they support 2.5” drives including SDD, leading to a combination of high capacity and lower space and energy requirements.

Smaller and more efficient – while retaining capacity

EonStor DS 3024B systems offer a compact 2U SFF that accommodates 24 2.5” drives and can be expanded via JBOD enclosures.

  • EonStor DS 3024B systems offer large capacities at a reduced footprint compared to systems designed for 3.5” drives
  • Businesses and enterprises make more efficient use of costly office space
  • Enjoy reduced energy expenditure – smaller systems and drives consume less electricity, leading to long term savings

Support for a wide range of data services

As always, Infortrend adds more value and usability to every product, and so it is with new EonStor 3024B systems. On top of being more efficient and of higher density, they also deliver extensive data services.

  • Support for automated storage tiering to leverage high speed SSD
  • Secure remote replication disaster recovery supported
  • Essential services such as snapshot, pool mirror and thin provisioning, included in the box
  • User friendly SANWatch interface makes management intuitive
As you can see, the form factor may be small, but the usability is tremendous!
Learn more about high density SFF EonStor DS 3024B systems here.