EonNAS 1000 Gen2

SMB unified storage here today and ready for the future

A new generation of rackmount NAS has arrived from Infortrend, building on our successful unified storage architecture which enables file and block access from one system. Priced right for affordable adoption at SMBs, EonNAS 1000 Gen2 systems are highly diverse, efficient and scalable. They address immediate requirements and are prepared for expansion well into the future.

Find out more about EonNAS 1000 Gen2 systems here.

Scalability brings future-proofing

Via robust 6Gb/s SAS, systems connect to compatible JBOD expansion enclosures and support up to 128 drives in total. This gives you ample room to grow storage space as your business develops and the need to keep up with data intensifies.

Choose the form factor for you

EonNAS 1000 Gen2 systems are available in 8-bay, 12-bay, and 16-bay.All have been resized comparing to the previous generation from 650mm to 500mm. In addition to being easy to fit in more cabinets, systems have greater back panel clearance for improved cooling and ease of access.

Solaris ZFS and advanced backup features

The Solaris ZFS file and operating system delivers some of the tightest data integrity around, with smart media scan and silent corruption prevention thanks to hierarchical checksum. It also enables native support for unlimited snapshot and 128-bit encrypted remote replication, giving you multi-layered data protection mechanisms to guard against loss of mission critical media.

Modular design with multiple host interfaces

All major hardware components are pluggable, including the host interface. Systems ship by default with 1GbE, but you can choose 10Gb/s iSCSI or 16Gb/s Fibre Channel for even better performance. At their price point, EonNAS 1000 Gen2 systems are unbeatable.

Energy saving

Redundant 80 PLUS certified power supplies reduce waste and contribute to lower operating costs – an important factor for budget-savvy SMBs.