High availability, easy recovery, and enterprise features join flexible hardware on unified storage that’s perfect for growing businesses. More efficient and scalable than ever, EonNAS 3000 Gen2 systems guarantee excellent return on investment thanks to affordable prices and feature-rich designs

EonRescue hassle-free USB recovery

User friendly EonRescue allows you to quickly restore storage with just a USB drive! It runs system diagnostics, saves OS and memory settings, pool/disk images, core dump files, and more – then retrieves and recovers the system through a simple boot up from USB

High availability and multiple host options

Active-active redundant controller configurations double fault tolerance to guard against downtime. Systems available with default 1Gb/s ports, with optional interconnects including 16Gb/s FC, 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s iSCSI SFP+/RJ-45

ZFS support and rich data services

Open-source Solaris ZFS offers native support for vital backup capabilities such as unlimited snapshot, pool mirror, and remote replication. Additionally, smart media scan, deduplication, and thin provisioning are available

Designed for easy maintenance

Modular hot-swap and cable-less design supports effortless setup, maintenance, and upgrades. Rack depth is just500mm, allowing an easier fit into space-constrained cabinets and better cooling

High scalability and flexible drive support

Scale up to 256 drives, which with 6TB disks equates to over 1.5PB of future-ready expandability. Supported drives include SAS, NL-SAS, and SSD

Energy saving and eco-friendly

80 PLUS power supplies are standard, delivering reliable operation plus substantial savings due to lower operating costs. They also translate into reduced environmental impact

Friendly management for everyone

Systems ship with an intuitive GUI, the EonOne interface for integration with other EonNAS products, and highly customizable CLI (command line interface) for diverse management. Plus, Global Namespace support promotes easy network integration

Currently available models:

EonNAS 3016RT1 / EonNAS 3016ST1/ EonNAS 3016R1/EonNAS 3016S1/ EonNAS 3012R1 / EonNAS 3012S1 / EonNAS 3012RC1 / EonNAS 3012SC1 / EonNAS 3012T1

Please refer to the datasheet for additional details