Thanks to our powerful in-house R&D resources, maximized CPU computing power and SSD performance supporting up to 218K transaction/sec, Infortrend “EonStor DS 3024B” was awarded the title of best all-flash storage SPC-1 IOPS per dollar with a record breaking $0.24 ratio,. Our All-Flash Storage Solutions give customers an unrivalled price-performance.
What is All-Flash Storage?

An all-flash storage is a storage system that contains solid state disk (SSD) exclusively, instead of spinning hard disk drives (HDD). It can transfer data to and from SSDs or flashes much faster than hard disk drives, thus boosting performance rapidly.

Why Infortrend All-Flash Storage?
World’s Best Price-Performance   Easy 3rd Party Integration
  The best price-performance ratio on SPC-1 Results (updated on June, 2015), makes it a great investment     Integrates seamlessly with Citrix, Linux, Microsoft and VMware, creating a virtual environment which is easy to manage and provides greater functionality that would otherwise be unavailable.
Accelerated Performance   High Availability
  With up to 218K IOPS and low latency, it is the perfect solution to easily handle data intensive, high IOPS applications, such as Database, VDI and cloud service.     Designed with enterprise-grade hardware and data protection features that maximum uptime and accessibility. The All-Flash storage redundant architecture guarantees 99.9999% availability.
High Density Storage   High Scalability
  2U 24-bay storage high density Small Form Factor (SFF) SSD configuration saves space and consumes less power than traditional HDDs, contributing to green computing.     If at any point your data storage requires more capacity, our All-Flash storage solutions can be easily scaled up to 444 drives per unit.
Special Offer

Get the best price-performance at an even better price with Infortrend’s special “Flash Bundle Promotion” for All-Flash Storage!

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