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EonStor DS 4000 Gen 2
Infortrend’s All Flash Storage accelerates the response time for your mission critical applications with lightning fast performance and super low latency. With 3 powerful solutions, it lets you optimize data center footprint and raise energy efficiency and is ideal for various operations such as virtualization and database.

Infortrend All Flash Storage Features


Combines block and file storage into a single system for simplicity and efficiency


Speeds up performance with the latest 12 Gb/s SAS technology, including host and drive sides


Higher performance density with lower power consumption


Supports fast failover and high data availability to minimize business impact on service availability in case of power outages


Intelligent data allocation algorithms allows for excellent utilization of cloud


IDR support to make sure all hard drives are healthy to prevent from rebuild, Super capacitor for cache protection, dual controllers and non-single-point-of-failure hardware design


User-friendly browser based EonOne interface for easy deployment and management

About Infortrend All Flash Storage Solutions


Solution 1. Lightning-fast Performance Solution

Featuring a capacity of 32TB, it is the perfect solution for massive transactions and write intensive operations such as database, server/desktop virtualization and file applications

High Performance

Solution 2. High Performance Solution

A budget solution for massive transactions and write intensive applications such as database and server/desktop virtualization

High Throughput

Solution 3. High Throughput and Read Intensive Solution

Suitable for broadcasting, media & entertainment, and backup purposes

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