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EonStor CS

Infortrend launches EonStor CS scale-out shared media storage that integrates with DaVinci Resolve Project Server and supports popular NLE software, such as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro to facilitate smooth collaborative editing of 4K videos. EonStor CS supports over 100 GB/s performance and 100 PB capacity, making it an ideal storage solution for large-scale post-production studios with more than ten workstations. CS also supports high density 4U 60-bay form factor to deliver optimized size for massive data storage requirements.


Check out three reasons why CS makes video collaboration much easier


Simplified Infrastructure

With DaVinci Resolve Project Server integrated into the CS storage, users don’t need to deploy a dedicated project server, which simplifies the IT infrastructure and, thus, lowers management complexities. 

Simplified Infrastructure


Easier Deployment with EonOne

EonOne software comes with two accounts for different management purposes. Video professionals can easily finish the setup via M&E User Admin account.

System Admin
System Admin
Advanced system configurations
Data services
System maintenance
M&E User Admin
M&E User Admin
User accounts
Storage quota
Basic network settings and configuration

Easier Collaboration with EonView

Workstations installed with EonView the desktop utility can auto-detect the connected CS storage and mount corresponding shared folders for immediate access. Video professionals can easily start to work on the same project.

What EonView Does?

Quick and easy connection to the storage
Project server event notification
User profile migration across workstations
CS Family Scale-out NAS

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