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October 2016

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Infortrend’s EonStor GS Family Featured in Computer Technology Review

In this latest feature article released from Computer Technology Review titled “Infortrend unveils cloud-integrated unified storage EonStor GS line to deliver flexibility with flash or hybrid configurations,” it stated that the EonStor GS Family can provide users with a lot of benefits, making EonStor GS a flexible unified storage for users:

  1. A compact design that integrates file, block and object level in one single system. This makes management simpler and easier while also requiring less space and consumes less power;
  2. Delivers a performance of up to 450K IOPS, 11,000MB/s block and 4,000MB/s CIFS bandwidth as an all-flash system;
  3. Supports various protocols including CIFS/SMB, NFS, AFP and FTP; block level protocols such as Fibre Channel, iSCSI and SAS; and object level protocols that allow users to access files directly via browsers through the file’s unique URL and reduce the cost of deploying applications from the cloud.
  4. Integration with cloud so data can be optimally allocated between the EonStor GS and cloud, so users can enjoy the best performance and safest storage. It also supports various public and private cloud services so users can choose the option that best suits their needs.

More benefits and details can be found at Computer Technology Review which has been covering the best in the IT industry since 1980. To read the complete review, please click here.

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