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November 2016

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EonOne makes the management for EonStor GS family simple, intuitive and easy

The EonOne is a friendly and intuitive management tool for the EonStor GS Family. Besides guiding users to quickly and easily complete all storage related setups and configurations with initial setup wizard and the streamlined Workflow, it also offers a range of features for central management of multiple systems such as Storage Resource Management and event notifications.

With emphasis on a friendly and intuitive user interface, Workflow combines multiple storage controls such as storage provision, scheduling backup as snapshot and cloud functions into one simple step-by-step procedure. By grouping similar functions and settings into one streamlined page, configuring new systems is made faster and easier without the hassle of complicated navigations.

Storage Resource Management allows IT personnel to track and analyze performance and capacity usage to optimize the use of system resources and improve return on investment (ROI). Quota management makes capacity allocation, management and maintenance straightforward and effortless. Furthermore, complete event notifications for system monitoring ensure users stay on top of storage conditions anytime, anywhere.

Besides the EonStor GS family, EonOne also supports EonStor GSe family. For more details on the EonOne, please click here.

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