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January 2017

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EonStor GS Family awarded “Disk/Hybrid Product of the Year” at the 2016 Storage Awards

We are excited to announce that our EonStor GS family has won the “Disk/Hybrid Product of the Year” at Storage Awards 2016 as voted by the readers of Storage Magazine. The distinction was to recognize the EonStor GS’s excellent performance, amazing cache capacity of 12.8T, and flexibility with 4 levels of automated storage tiering.

Infortrend Hybrid Storage Solutions provide customers with two important features, the SSD Cache and automated storage tiering. SSD Cache can greatly accelerate read IOPS and reduce response time, while automated storage tiering can automatically sort data into different drive types to fully leverage their benefits.

Combined with Infortrend’s experience in intelligent data allocation algorithms, these two features make the EonStor GS a deserving winner and give Infortrend the motivation to push the boundaries of hybrid disk storage products.

Moreover, EonStor GS family is a cloud-integrated unified storage that integrates file, block, and object level into a highly available, compact, and comprehensive system. To see the full list of 2016 Storage Awards winners, click here. For details about EonStor GS, click here.

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