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Infortrend February 2018
EonStor GSe Pro Family
Flexible surveillance is required with the ever-increasing needs of security management. Infortrend storage systems offer cost-effective solutions with reliable NVR features and intuitive controls to safeguard your workshop, office, or other environments, while providing smart surveillance and video management tools to protect your valuable assets.
Default support of 4 IP cameras, up to 32/64 cameras.
One storage to satisfy all needs including Recording and Cloud integration.
All-round surveillance features and easy-to-use management tools
education & academic
Key Benefits of Infortrend EonStor GS/GSe Pro Solution
As the trend of the world is shifting to academics in recent years, sources of education knowledge are not limited to classrooms or books anymore. With the arrival of digital education, Infortrend storage systems can become your most powerful backing when pursuing a digitalized process with emphasis on efficiency and amount of knowledge.
e-Learning / Flipped Classroom
▪  File sharing comes with a 3,600MB/s bandwidth for use with class schedules, homework, and co-work
▪  File sharing supports a maximum of 20,000 users and 512 user groups
▪  One data folder supports a maximum of 2,048 device connections
Data Management for Digital Libraries
▪  Maximum capacity of 9PB to efficiently solve the ever increasing issue of digital library storage growth
▪  Supports SyncCloud, capacity is expanded to public clouds (where infrequently used data is archived) to lower costs
Webpage Update
We're excited to announce the newest product selection tool on Infortrend website, to assist you find and select the right products for your applications quickly and easily.
Step 1. Go to Infortrend Website, click “Products”, and click “Choose Your Storage”
Product selection
Step 2. Select the type of storage you need in the “Choose Your Storage “ page
Product selection
Step 3. Select a solution according to your performance or budget needs and get recommendations
Product selection
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