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Infortrend December 2018


Product – 25GbE Host Board
Infortrend Releases New 25GbE Host Board for GS Storage Family
Product – EonStor GSa Family
EonStor GSa - Powerful All Flash Array Performance for Flexible VDI Deployment
Drive Datacenter Performance with Infortrend GSa 5000 All-Flash Array
Product – EonStor GSc Family
EonStor GSc : The Perfect Companion for Archiving High-Res Surveillance Videos to the Cloud
Use Case : EonStor GSc Protects Precious R&D Data of a Chinese Pharmaceutical Giant
Product - EonStor GSi Family
[Video] Empower Your AI Business with Infortrend GSi
[Video] 3 Steps to Implementing AI Applications with Infortrend GSi
[Video] Smart City: Object Detection on Infortrend AI Platform
AI Solution - AI-Enabled Storage
VDI - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Private Cloud - Transform Private Cloud with OpenStack
Success Story
Daikin Implemented Mission-Critical Business Applications with Infortrend Storage
South Korean Cable TV K-Baduk Adopted Infortrend Storage for Media Archive
@DW Talks Interview - Victor Chiang, General Manager of Infortrend Europe, is sharing his expansion plan for the UK and mainland Europe
@CIOReview Interview - Tony Chu, the President of Infortrend USA, in an exclusive interview with CIOReview Magazine
Media Coverage
AI Authority - Infortrend’s EonStor GSi AI Storage Appliance now supports NVIDIA Turing GPU - Infotrend launches EonStor GSi storage series targeting AI scenarios -Infortrend announces Eonstor GSi series - Infortrend Launches EonStor GSi Storage System Supports AI with Built-in NVIDIA GPU - EonStor GSc Hybrid Cloud Storage Appliance was deployed in a Large Surveillance Project - Infortrend Launches EonStor GSc Family Hybrid Cloud Storage Appliance for Enterprise -Infortrend Announces EonStor GSa 5000 Series with Intel Xeon E5 8-Core Processor – GSe Pro 208 Out of the Box Review
AI Solution

AI Solution - AI-Enabled Storage

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, enables machines to think like a human. Most companies across various industries are using AI to enhance their products and gain competitive advantages through better insights. One challenge though: AI deployment is not easy. There is a simple solution to implement AI: EonStor GSi, the AI-Enabled Storage. With GSi, Enterprises can deploy AI applications faster and easier.

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EonStor GSa X VDI

Powerful All Flash Array Performance for Flexible VDI Deployment

Enterprises are converting physical desktops to virtual desktop infrastructure, or VDI, because it provides efficient hardware utilization and centralized management while reducing costs. EonStor GSa Family is designed for extensive virtualization support, which offers user-friendly features for an easier VDI setup and configuration. It delivers powerful performance of up to 700K high IOPS within 0.5 ms response time and provides flexible SAS/SATA drive options that allows versatile VDI development from light to heavy workload.

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EonStor GSc

EonStor GSc Family - The Perfect Companion for Archiving High-Resolution Surveillance Videos to the Cloud

With a growing number of high-resolution surveillance cameras, the requirements for storage performance and capacity have grown substantially. EonStor GSc Hybrid Cloud Storage Appliance has been successfully deployed for a large NVR integration project to archive videos generated by 2,000 4K cameras to the cloud on a daily basis.

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Success Story
Success Story

South Korean Cable TV K-Baduk Implemented Infortrend Storage for Media Archive

K-Baduk, a South Korean Cable TV company, has adopted EonStor GS 1024S for media archive application. Previously, K-Baduk manually archived their media files into 20 x 2 TB HDDs on a disk-by-disk basis per month, not to mention the labor dedicated into protecting and organizing these disks with physical cases and racks. By introducing GS 1024S Unified Storage, K-Baduk was able to streamline their workflow, allowing an easy data saving and retrieval.

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