Infortrend's High Performance Scale-out NAS is Designed for Adobe Premiere Pro

High Performance Scale-out NAS

Taipei, Taiwan, 14 July 2020, -  Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495), the industry-leading enterprise storage provider, designed its scale-out NAS systems EonStor CS to fully satisfy the requirements of Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry-leading software for media post-production tasks. The CS ensures stability of high-resolution video playback without dropping frames to eliminate latency issue for media editing applications. It allows growing post-production studios to linearly increase performance by adding new storage nodes.

EonStor CS is a scale-out shared storage solution for growing and large-scale post-production studios with more than 10 workstations working with Adobe Premiere Pro. The scalability through a scale-out expansion offers an easier and more cost-effective way of managing the growing media assets while reducing consequent performance bottlenecks. EonStor CS also improves data utilization and simplifies data management by integrating data from all nodes into one cluster system.

Infortrend conducted the CS performance evaluation test by using one of the most popular non-linear editing (NLE) software Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 version to perform video playback. The CS best practice configurations for multimedia environments included 4U 24-bay 8-core processor CS model, 64GB cache memory per node, 10GbE client access network, and 40GbE internal network for multimedia workloads. According to the test results, the number of concurrent playback streams linearly increases by using the CS scale-out expansion: while three node support 290 streams, five deployed nodes increase stream count to 480. This guarantees stable high-resolution video playback on the post-production phase.

“As media editing application is always on the way to pursue higher performance, the CS scale-out NAS allows large and growing media companies to get the highest and the most stable performance for their Adobe Premiere Pro NLE workflow. And with high capacity and high scalability, the CS noticeably saves costs and minimizes deployment and management efforts,” noted Frank Lee, Senior Director of Product Planning.

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