EonStor GS with SSD Cache Helps Various Enterprise Applications Accelerate File Access and Enhance Productivity

EonStor GS with SSD Cache Helps Various Enterprise Enhance Productivity

Taipei, Taiwan, 29 June 2021, -  Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495), the industry-leading enterprise storage provider, integrated SSD cache into EonStor GS unified storage to improve random file access performance and enhance overall productivity in such enterprise applications as file sharing, media & entertainment (M&E), and medical PACS.

Over time, enterprises accumulate an increasing number of files along with files’ metadata. With growing metadata, file operations become slower as all file operations are processed by accessing metadata first. GS with file-level SSD cache greatly improves file access performance by caching metadata and frequently used files on SSD featuring ‘near-zero seek time’ advantage. This greatly improves I/O performance and storage response time.

In usual file sharing applications, there are only a few files that are frequently used. With file-level SSD cache, users can search and quickly access required files to improve the working efficiency. File-level SSD cache needs only a few SSDs to reach a near all-flash system user experience.

For high resolution video editing in M&E industry, storage system is required to deliver high throughput and low latency to support multiple video streams playback. However, the latency of HDD is too long for high resolution video playback, especially for uncompressed videos. To resolve this issue, file-level SSD cache is used to improve and stabilize the I/O performance. With SSD cache enabled, the video playback can run smoothly without frame drop.

GS can also be deployed for medical PACS which accumulate large amounts of medical images over time. And the more medical images there are in the storage, the slower doctors can access the images they need, which negatively effects diagnosis or medical research efficiency. The GS with integrated SSD cache can provide an easy access to the current medical images, considerably optimizing PACS workflow.

“GS with SSD cache can substantially enhance enterprises’ work processes. Users can access files more quickly and this, of course, benefits to the productivity,” said Frank Lee, Senior Director of Product Planning.

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