Automatic system diagnosis and submission for a speedy problem handling process

The main approach of Service Manager is to automatically analyze the problems that the system encounters. When the system detects a problem that may need assistance from Infortrend's technical professional, Service Manager, embedded in EonOne, automatically submits the service request through the Internet and will be received by Infortrend's team of technical experts for analysis and handling of the issue in advance. Service Manager speeds up the problem handling process to yield faster solutions.

A smarter and intuitive feature for a simultaneous management of hardware and firmware issues

Service Manager’s scope of automatic analysis isn’t just limited to hardware components. It also helps detect technical issues of your device’s firmware. When a malfunction occurs due to unexpected causes, Service Manager tracks the issue and triggers relative and preventive measures for both hardware and firmware.

For hardware-related issues, Service Manager will trigger the RMA (return merchandise authorization) process then technical experts at Infortrend can prepare replacement parts immediately. For firmware-related issues, Service Manager’s technical support will start the troubleshooting instantly.

No need for Internet!

You don’t need Internet to raise your issues in Service Manager. It automatically sends an email to notify Infortrend’s technical support of any malfunction that you encounter via the email server (SMTP). If your system is connected to the Internet, Service Manager instantaneously communicates with technical support via application program interface (API). As long as Service Manager is enabled and correctly configured, it instantly notifies the customer of system abnormalities and provides technical support services under any circumstances. Service Manager gives you an all-in-one access to your troubleshooting requests.

Applicable Models

*Update GS/GSe FW version to 1.33B.07 or later
*Update GSe Pro FW version to 1.32E.07 or later
*Update our EonOne version to 2.5.b.12 or later

Application Note

How to correctly configure Service manager and a detailed introduction to its features

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