Education and Academic
Exceptional performance to effectively improve online education services

As the trend of education portal, online learning and flipped classroom grows, education and research institutions are facing complex data demands. Infortrend storage provides exceptional performance such as video lectures, file sharing, VDI applications and excellent data storage solutions to improve online academic services.

Education and Academic
File Sharing for E-learning/ Flipped Classroom (EonStor GS 2000)
  • Delivers 3,600MB/s file sharing bandwidth allows sharing of lesson plans, exercises and co-works during courses
  • Maximum 20,000 users and 512 groups for folder sharing
  • Maximum 2,048 connections for a folder

Managing Data Growth for Digital Library and Academic Research (EonStor GS 2000)
  • Up to 8PB capacity to solve the issue of growing digital library storage space
  • Extends capacity to public cloud that could archive least frequently used data economically
  • Supports SyncCloud to backup data to public cloud with folder sync
Education and Academic

Education and Academic
Excellent Performance for Database and VDI (EonStor DS 4000)
  • Deliver 750K IOPS for research project databases
  • UP to 6000 VDI for educational applications
  • Integrates Hyper-V and VMWare features; guarantees fast response time as boost storm issues solved with SSD Cache and Auto-Tiering
Recommended Products
EonStor GS 2000 Series
  • Delivers 9,900MB/s block and 3,600MB/s file sharing bandwidth for video stream broadcasting
  • Massive data capacity of up to 8PB with 864 drives
  • Cloud service provided
EonStor DS 4000 Series
  • 750K IOPS for database and VDI in SAN environment
  • Maximum 6000 VDI supported in SAN environment
  • Integrates Hyper-V and VMWare features
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