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EonStor DS/GS Superior SAN Performance with StorNext/Apple Xsan

StorNext/Xsan is a SAN (storage area network) or a clustered file system made for Mac OS, Microsoft Windows and Linux. This file system allows multiple clients to share block storages via a high-speed fibre channel or iSCSI network. With StorNext/Xsan file system, the workstations can read and write to the same storage simultaneously and enterprises can fully utilize the shared disk file system, which includes support for large file transfers, multiple mounted file systems, and multiple operating systems.

EonStor DS and GS families provide SAN storages that support StorNext/Xsan, fine-tuned with Infortrend s high-quality system configuration and on-site experience support. With dual controller active/active hardware design, you can configure StorNext/Xsan to get a more stable and balanced performance for a reachable and exceptional throughput of high resolution videos based on various benchmark tools such as AJA, FrameTest, Blackmagic, and others. EonStor DS and GS families are enterprise storages that fully support multi-client media/entertainment-related tasks with StorNext/Apple Xsan environment.

EonStor DS/GS Superior SAN Performance with StorNext/Apple Xsan
FrameTest Result for StorNext/Apple Xsan
Configuration Client Read Write
GS 3060
(60 NL-SAS HDDs)
Client 1   855
Client 2   881
Client 3 898  
Client 4 883  
Client 5 818  
Total 2,599 1,736
GS 3060+JB 3060
(120 NL-SAS HDDs)
Client 1   1,229
Client 2   1,222
Client 3 1,081  
Client 4 1,341  
Client 5 1,083  
Total 3,504 2,451
Note: 2K DPX Resolution

Lightning SAN Speed for Enterprise Media Workstation

Clients of multimedia businesses such as studios and video workshops demand audio and/or video of great quality. This type of industry must have a dependable storage system that allows editing, recording, or playback video/audio in high definition. EonStor DS 4000 SAN storage is one of Infortrend's enterprise class RAID system that is a perfect solution for such trade. With its AV Optimization feature, EonStor DS 4000 SAN Storage preloads and computes the required files when streaming data and offers a performance of up to 11,000MB/s, which is equivalent to a stable playback of 6 videos* in simultaneous streams under the 4K uncompressed format. EonStor DS 4000 SAN storage guarantees a smoother control experience, whether editing files or doing playback. When integrated with a high-density 4U 60-bay expansion enclosure, which supports up to 4PB capacity, the assembly is more than enough to save and stream all your video and audio files.

*4096x3112 @ 24 fps, RGB 3x 10-bit tested by AJA benchmark tool
Lightning SAN Speed for Enterprise Media Workstation

Media Collaborations under High Bandwidth Ethernet

EonStor GS Family of Unified Storage is the ideal NAS solutions for media collaborations of high quality videos. The solution allows easy deployment of multimedia playback and streaming applications and is perfectly compatible with network architectures such as CIFS/SMB, NFS, and AFP. With more than 10PB raw capacity, a transfer interface support of 40GbE, 25GbE and 10GbE, and a transfer bandwidth of up to 6,600MB/s, EonStor GS is the best choice to support your media collaboration needs.

Media Collaborations under High Bandwidth Ethernet

Easy File Sharing for Workgroup

The tower NAS series, such as EonStor GSe Pro 200, is perfect for small-scale video workshops that demand easy file sharing and video editing/playback. GSe Pro 200 is compatible with most operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it's especially optimized for Thunderbolt connection to a device running on Mac OS for video streaming. Equipped with 1GbE and 10GbE network interfaces, you can easily handle high-definition format operations or just simply do edits of video/audio streaming seamlessly.

Because of its compact design and low-noise structure, you can place it in any corner of your workshop and let it work silently and efficiently. When it's assembled with the expansion enclosure specifically designed for GSe Pro 200, you can get more storage to a maximum of 400TB. This is more than a bargain for every small studio owner, providing high-quality enterprise class media storage.

Easy File Sharing for Workgroup

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