AI Solution

AI-Enabled Storage

AI allows machines to think like a human and does things that humans do. When assigned a task or an input, AI-enabled machines work for it and accomplish the assigned job. Companies across various industries are using AI to solve problems that sometimes, we humans, can't accomplish in a given time. One hurdle though: AI models and workloads are not easy to deploy. There's a perfect solution to this problem: Infortrend's EonStor GSi architecture. This architecture is a powerful tool that works as a centralized data hub. It increases productivity and simplifies the complicated data architecture. With this solution, it helps users deploy AI-related solutions faster and easier.

GSi provides a unified data management environment that spans across edge devices and data centers, and supports major cloud providers. GSi's management software, EonOne with built-in Docker platform, supports multiple popular AI frameworks that allow enterprises to accelerate critical applications, streamline data protection, and increase operational flexibility.

AI Solutions

AI Procedure

From training to inference, there’s a lot of work to do such as collecting data, building training model, and deployment to production devices, so deploying the AI application is never an easy job. Hence, GSi all-in-one box turns complex processes to simple ones.

AI Solutions

Key Benefits
The 5 S Benefits in GSi to Deploy AI Applications
AI Solutions
Deliver high performance (410~530 images per second, ResNet50 with ImageNet) AI applications
AI Solutions
The GSi is configured as a complete AI solution, avoiding the intricate configuration and tuning required settings
AI Solutions
The infrastructure enables seamless process for network, storage and computing
AI Solutions
GSi offers optimized software EonOne for AI workloads on Docker platform
AI Solutions
Offering scale-up architecture as customers’ AI needs grow

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