Security & Surveillance

Tremendous capacity and affordable price with robust data protection for video storage demands

Massive Capacity in SAN Environment

Complete Surveillance Solutions in SAN Environment

Massive Capacity in One Storage System

With the ever-increasing issue of anti-terrorism and community enterprise security, surveillance systems have come to the attention of more and more enterprises, military organizations, financial institutions, and governments. In order to achieve a complete and large-scale surveillance system, a high capacity storage system with steady output and security for surveillance videos is a must. And this is where the EonStor DS 1000 SAN storage system comes in. Available in cost-effective single controller and high availability dual controller models, it offers guaranteed storage access and stability for surveillance systems. Various form factors such as 2U 12-bay, 3U 16-bay, and 4U 24-bay can be paired with high density 4U 60-bay expansion enclosures to support a maximum capacity of 4PB on a single system, which is equivalent to 180 days of video footage for hundreds of 3MP IP cameras. Furthermore, the EonStor DS 1000 supports Fibre Channel and iSCSI protocols while providing a stable output of up to 5,500 MB/s read and 1,900 Mb/s write, so that users can enjoy a smooth and steady operating experience whether storing surveillance videos or during playback.

High Density 4U60-bay Storage for Limited Room Space

In a real case scenario, Infortrend perfectly completed a large-scale deployment case in Gwanak-Gu District in Korea, while facing the issues of space limitations and 24/7 non-stop high quality video recording for 2500 cameras. The EonStor DS 3000 4U60-bay high density RAID system perfectly overcame these difficulties. A storage capacity of 4PB can be achieved with 4U60-bay expansion enclosures to save on physical space while providing massive capacity for surveillance video storage. Furthermore, a solid performance of 5,500 MBps read and 1,900 MBps write guarantees 24/7 stable recording quality, while redundant components and dual host boards offer a reliability of up to 99.999%, making the EonStor DS 3000 the perfect choice for surveillance storage.

Optimized Server Storage Design for IP Video Surveillance

Optimized Server Storage Design for IP Video Surveillance

The structural design of general large-scale surveillance equipment requires the user to deploy one or more storage devices to store surveillance videos and an NVR server to process video data. This kind of deployment not only takes up more physical space and raise additional costs, maintenance for different devices is also very troublesome for IT personnel. The EonServ Family perfectly solves this dilemma by providing complete protection with various RAID configurations such as RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 6, a simple-to-use management interface EonOne Lite, and built-in Windows OS and Milestone VMS to efficiently lower deployment and maintenance costs. As for hardware structure, the EonServ family completely integrates surveillance servers, RAID controllers, and storage devices into one system, supports a maximum of 436 disks via JBOD expansion with SAS interface, while the cableless design of enterprise level models prevents system abnormality due to bad connection or wear of cables. Moreover, the Milestone certified EonServ 5000ML supports steady recording and playback for 150 3MP IP cameras under the Milestone Xprotect configuration, further proving that the EonServ family is the perfect choice for surveillance deployment.

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