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Infortrend All-flash SAN-in-a-box Solution

Infortrend All-flash SAN-in-a-Box solution is the recipient of Future's Best of Show Award, presented at the 2019 NAB Show by Video Edge. The solution is pushing the boundaries of workflow efficiency by showcasing a high-bandwidth 2 x 25Gb iSCSI SAN solution along with EonStor GSa AFA (All-Flash Array) that supports up to six 8K DPX streams. Infortrend is demonstrating this turnkey solution with ATTO Technology for today’s demanding media collaboration environments.

With the proliferation of high-definition production and delivery formats such as 8K and beyond, media storage systems not only require unprecedented IOPs performance and also demands a faster and efficient I/O to exchange data across networks.

25GbE Host Board

A single 25GbE lane offers 2.5x bandwidth and is backward compatible with 10GbE. With two 25Gb/s Ethernet ports per host board, Infortrend storage offers our M&E customers a high bandwidth over Ethernet networks. In terms of full system configuration, a dual controller GSa 3000 system can support of up to eight 25Gb/s Ethernet ports with two host boards per controller.

In terms of all-flash performance, Infortrend's next-generation AFA, EonStor GSa Family, optimizes SSD performance, reduces latency, and extends SSD life. GSa can reach more than 700K IOPS with response time of less than 0.5 milliseconds. GSa offers no single point of failure technology (redundant controller hardware) and is fully capable of taking on the 24/7 critical media operation. GSa 2024 AFA was recently awarded a prestigious 5-Star review from IT Pro.

EonStor GSa 2024 AFA Receives 5-Star Review from IT PRO

Future's Best of Show Awards are evaluated by a panel of industry experts and are selected based on innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry. Future publishes more than 50 magazines in fields such as technology, films, broadcast, professional video, and are best known for publications such as Tom’s Hardware, T3, and Gizmodo.

“The Future Best of Show Awards at NAB are in their sixth year,” said Paul McLane, Future managing director, content for media technology titles. “The program focuses attention on superb innovations in technology as seen around the million-square-foot exhibit floor of the industry's top trade show. The list of 2019 winners and nominees shows where media technology businesses are headed.”

Product Highlights

1. Powerful Unified Storage Performance and Reliability
2. Optimized SSD Performance with Low Latency
3. High Availability via Hardware Redundancy
4. EonOne - an Easy-to-use Interface for Storage Management
5. Cloud Ready for Future-Proof Expansion
6. Rich Selections of Host Interfaces
7. Cache Backup Module (CBM) to Prevent Data Loss
8. Modular Design to Lower Maintenance Complexity

Hardware Specification

Model GSa 2024 (T) GSa 3025 (T) GSa 5100 GSa 5200
Form Factors 2U 24-bay 2U 25-bay 4U 4U
Controller Dual-redundant/ Single upgradable to dual redundant Dual-redundant
Memory 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1024GB
Ethernet Ports
8x 1Gb/s iSCSI ports 4x 1GbE + 4x 10GbE(SFP+) iSCSI ports -
Host Board
2x 40GbE/iSCSI ports (QSFP)
2x 10GbE/iSCSI ports (RJ-45)
4x 10GbE/iSCSI ports (SFP+)
4x 1GbE/iSCSI ports
2/4x 16Gb/s FC ports
4x 8Gb/s FC ports
2x 12Gb/s SAS ports
4x 10GbE FCoE ports
2x 56Gb/s InfiniBand ports
Max. SSDs 744 775 750
Order GSa 2000
Order GSa 3000
Order GSa 5000
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