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EonStor GS Scale-out

Best for Expanding Storages for Enterprises! EonStor GS enterprise unified storage system integrates SAN, NAS, and cloud services. With the newly supported scale-out feature, it enables enterprises to flexibly expand performance and capacity.

Continue reading to learn what major benefits you can enjoy when expanding your storage using the new GS scale-out solution, hassle-free!


How You Can Benefit from EonStor GS Scale-out

Flexible Expandability:
Fully Leverage Performance and Capacity of Multiple GS

Scale-out: When one GS no longer satisfies performance and capacity demands, simply add another GS unit to the cluster for both SAN and NAS services (up to 4 GS).

Scale-up: Expand capacity only by adding JBOD expansion enclosure (up to 896 HDD for each GS).


Single Namespace:
Easily Manage and Access Your Files

When your existing GS is full, all you need is to add another GS.

With a single namespace, it integrates multiple GSs into a single file system; thus, you will experience as if there is only one GS without changing the way of file accessing.


Reduce IT Management Burden

Auto-balancing is an intelligent assistant which eliminates the burden of IT manual planning and data migration.

For example, when the current GSs are full, you can add 1 GS and auto-balance will help migrate data across all GS appliances with balanced capacity and performance.



M&E post-production
M&E Post-Production

High performance and fast access for collaborative workflow

Medical PACS
Medical PACS

Medical images can be opened by multiple doctors’ workstations just within 3-5 sec

File Sharing
File Sharing

Quickly share files across company departments

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