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Accelerate Your HPC Performance with Scale-out Unified Storage

High Performance Computing (HPC) has been widely used at different scales. More and more research institutes and businesses are using HPC on a smaller scale for academic or industrial applications, in areas such as gene analytics, meteorology research, geological structure analysis, etc.

EonStor GS scale-out unified storage, together with its U.2 NVMe series, makes a perfect solution for such a computing scale. It delivers high performance, large capacity, and most importantly, it can be flexibly scaled out based on your computing scale.


Why EonStor GS for HPC

HPC Challenge 1

Huge amounts of small and big files to process, requiring both high performance and large capacity

EonStor GS’s scale-out linearly increases performance and capacity with up to 4 GS.
HPC Challenge 2

Demanding high IOPS and throughput to handle random and sequential access

EonStor GS supports U.2 NVMe SSDs to deliver high IOPS and throughput with a lower latency.
HPC Challenge 3

File paths need to remain unchanged after scaling out with more devices

EonStor GS keeps data in the same directory under a single namespace after scaling out. Analysts can continue with their work without changing the setting.
HPC Challenge 4

Requiring optimized storage efficiency to manage ongoing and finished projects

EonStor GS provides tiered storage and auto-tiering to leverage SSD for ongoing projects with complex requests and utilize HDD for finished projects.
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EonStor GS Scale-out Unified Storage Series Highlights

Scale-out with up to 4 GS devices
Support U.2 NVMe/SAS/SATA SSD and HDD
Deliver up to 22GB/s in throughput and 1000K IOPS on a single GS device
Provide up to 40PB capacity via scale-out and scale-up
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