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Enable Flexible Backup and Reduce Costs with the Backup Server Function
Infortrend updated its EonStor GS, EonStor GSe, EonStor GSe Pro unified storage families with the Backup Server function. It reduces data backup costs and offers a flexible backup strategy.
With the Backup Server function, you can implement backups for your data from various sources, including public cloud (S3 compatible), file servers (CIFS/NFS protocol), and user PCs running Windows or Mac operating systems.

Save Costs with the Backup Server Function

You can save costs by installing and using Infortrend’s Backup Server application to back up your company’s files from cloud, file servers, and PCs. The Backup Server function is free, while third-party software usually charges by data volumes or number of sources. Use cases such as VM backup or database backup may still need third-party software.

Selecting a Backup Strategy

The Backup Server function provides flexibility with multiple backup strategies:

Full backup - every time back up all data sets
Incremental backup - only back up data that has changed since the previous backup
Differential backup - back up data that has changed since the last full backup
Users can customize backup schedules and define data retention periods according to the application’s specific needs.

Products with the Backup Server Function

All models of unified storage families support the Backup Server function:
EonStor GS
Dual controller storage solution for enterprises
  EonStor GS    
EonStor GSe
Single controller storage solution for SMB
  EonStor GSe    
EonStor GSe Pro
Entry-level storage solution
  EonStor GSe Pro    

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