Integrating file, block, and object level into a highly available, compact, and comprehensive unified storage, the EonStor GS Family is a complete package to meet all your storage needs in one system.

EonStor GS Family Can Meet All Your Storage Demands

Unified Storage providing block, file, and object services in one storage system

Simplicity in our user-friendly management interface EonOne, which provides a single control center for system management and resource monitoring

Cloud Integration in intelligent data allocation algorithms for excellent cloud utilization, and features in cloud cache, cloud tiering, and cloud backup

Exceptional Cost Performance in outstanding IOPS and throughput, comprehensive data services, all flash / hybrid flash support, and support for up to 444 HDDs

Availability & Reliability in IDR support to make sure all hard drives are healthy, super capacitor for cache protection, and no-single-point-of-failure hardware design

Optimum performance and flexibility combined in one comprehensive system

The true comprehensive unified storage with mid-range defining performance

A comprehensive unified storage featuring exceptional cost performance

A value-priced comprehensive unified storage package with great performance

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