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The EonStor GSe Family is Infortrend’s new family of unified solutions with optional cloud integration, designed to deliver efficiency and power in a single consolidated file, block, and object storage system. Besides simplified service deployment and management, the EonStor GSe Family also delivers flexibility for both structured and unstructured data as well as unlimited scalability through cloud thanks to this integration and unified infrastructure.

Why EonStor GSe unified storage?

Unified Storage

As a unified storage system, the EonStor GSe family allows organizations to consolidate their storage requirements for operational databases (structured data) along with unstructured data onto a common platform by replacing file level storage with support for both file and block-based systems. This not only simplifies service deployment and management for different types of data, but also lowers costs by delivering the benefits of SAN, NAS and object storage together in one single system.

Unlimited Scalability through Cloud

Cloud Storage has the benefit of unlimited capacity thanks to its “pay as needed” flexibility, as well as guaranteed high availability by storing data in different locations. By integrating our Cloud Gateway Engine, the EonStor GSe Family can automatically cache hot data on premise and migrate cold data to the cloud for long term archive.

Comprehensive Business Applications

Through Windows® AD and LDAP directory services, the EonStor GSe Family provides easy integration with existing business network environments, which allow MIS to easily configure access rights of every user account in a share folder through ACL. Thanks to its integrated backup functions such as Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR), snapshot, local / remote replication, and file-level rsync, the EonStor GSe Family minimizes the risk of data loss from unexpected disk failures, natural disasters and power outages.

More about EonStor GSe

Provides file, block and object storage

Supports all-flash and hybrid configurations

Comprehensive data service

For more information about EonStor GSe family