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GSe Family
SAN, NAS, DAS and Cloud in ONE unified storage system for data storage, folder sharing and cloud backup

EonStor GSe integrates block, file and object services and a cloud gateway engine in one system to fully support data storage and folder sharing. By leveraging public and private cloud storage, EonStor GSe provides top data access performance and flexible capacity expansion with cloud.

High and stable performance SAN/DAS with Infortrend’s unique technology and architecture

Data is directly written to Infortrend’s block level storage, enabling better performance than competitor products that need to write first to the file level and then to the block level, resulting in too much overhead.

610K IOPS All cache hit, 230K IOPS End to end, 5,800MB/s for read, write 4,200 MB/s. ( Please contact Infortrend for detailed performance information. )

NAS complete with performance and data protection based on XFS File System

XFS File System takes both performance and data integrity into consideration. The infrastructure of Infortrend RAID Technology can further enhance performance and data protection.

Public and private cloud integration for cloud backup and flexible capacity usage through Infortrend proprietary technology

The GSe can integrate with public cloud and private cloud, and data can be optimally allocated between GSe and cloud through smart algorithms to deliver the best performance and optimum space allocation.

Industry-leading cache protection technology: Super-capacitor with Flash, protection against data loss in the case of system power outage

The Super-capacitor will continue to supply power until the data is written to the flash so data integrity is ensured before power resumes. Super capacitors require no maintenance, last for the life of the storage system, and have no risk of fire.

Built-in Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR) enables automatic error detection and restoration with no need to worry about disk failure

IDR offers smart media scan, which catches errors before they become a problem and copies data to good drives to prevent rebuild.

The EonStor GSe family consists of complete products for businesses to choose from based on their requirements and budget.
Hardware Overview
SSD cache pool
Maximum 128GB Memory size

- Accelerates overall performance with write back mode.
- Supports up to 3.2 TB SSD cache pool to boost read performance

( Please refer to the GSe datasheet for detailed specifications )

Capacity of 4 PB
Maximum capacity of 4 PB

Future-proof expansion solution offers ample data capacity of up to 436 drives

( Please refer to the GSe datasheet for detailed specifications )

Supports the most comprehensive interface protocols and topologies and FC SAN, IP SAN, DAS and file sharing

Supports a flexible topology to satisfy multiple application demands
SAN protocol : FC, iSCSI, SAS, FCoE
NAS protocol : CIFS/SMB, NFS, AFP, FTP, WebDAV
Object protocol : Openstack Swift

Cable-less Modular Design for easier upgrade and maintenance

Eliminates problems associated with cable connections to offer a higher level of serviceability and hot-swappability.

Future-proof host board solution
- Unlimited interface changes

The converged host board with 4 connectivity options ensures future-proof multi-channel appliances (16Gb/s FC, 8Gb/s FC, 10 GbE iSCSI SFP+, 10GbE FCoE)

( Please refer to the GSe datasheet for detailed specifications )

Boosted hard drive performance and reliability supporting enterprise-level SAS protocol

A faster data transfer rate, higher MTBF, and lower bit error rate than SATA

Infortrend cloud-integrated benefit

Infortrend’s self-developed cloud gateway engine integrates EonStor GSe with public cloud and private cloud. Businesses can enjoy three cloud features that extend local storage with cloud capacity or make use of off-site backup and disaster recovery.

Automatic cloud backup for simplified data management and maintenance
Integration with leading cloud service providers for more diverse storage choices
THREE Cloud Options for flexible cloud applications
Cloud Backup Management
  • the EonStor GSe cloud gateway engine automatically distinguishes hot data and cold data and backs up cold data to cloud.
  • EonStor GSe can integrate with leading cloud services. One system can work with multiple service providers.
  • EonStor provides 3 cloud features : Cloud Cache, Cloud Backup and Cloud Tiering.
More secure and cost-effective Cloud Solutions
1. Data deduplicationn and compression

Data is compressed before being sent to cloud to reduce costs charged by cloud service providers.

2. Multi-layered Protection for On-premise Storage with Cloud

Cloud storage providers offer data encryption capabilities as a standard service but they also own the key, which can be a concern. The built-in cloud gateway engine on Infortrend EonStor GSe provides an additional layer of security with its AES-256 bit encryption, as the keys are always kept locally and managed solely by end users.

Organizations can choose a suitable cloud solution based on the level of data protection, cloud storage capacity and cost considerations.
  Cloud Tiering Cloud Cache Cloud Full Cache Cloud Backup
If GSe fails Partial data saved on Cloud All data saved on Cloud All data saved on Cloud All data saved on Cloud
If Internet fails Data access: inaccessible Data access: hot data in GSe Data access: all data in GSe Data access: all data in GSe
Data access performance Hot data : fast
Cold data : slow
Hot data : fast
Cold data : slow
All data : fast All data : fast
Cloud Data Recovery Not supported Recovery: latest backup copy on Cloud Recovery: latest backup copy on Cloud Recovery: Any chosen time
EonOne - an easy-to-use interface for storage management
  • Provides a single control panel for file, block, and object service management and resource monitoring
  • Provides an initial setup wizard and workflow, allowing users to quickly and easily complete all storage related setup
  • Complete notifications for system monitoring, as well as support for storage resource management for users to grasp performance and capacity conditions
  • LDAP Server function is embedded into EonStor GSe so you do not need to construct additional LDAP servers.
Data Service with boosted performance
Maximum 3.2TB SSD Cache Pool
  • Enhance performance
  • Response time reduced
  • Suitable for random read-intensive applications, such as online transaction processing (OLTP), Microsoft Exchange, etc.
Automated Storage Tiering
  • Industry-leading 4-level tiering solution
  • High flexibility in performance, space and cost
Thin Provisioning
  • Increases storage utilization and simplifies capacity planning and management tasks
  • "Just-in-time" capacity allocations add disk space as needed and delay storage purchases to leverage disk drive price declines
The Most Comprehensive Data Protection and Data Security
Remote Replication
  • Data can be backed up remotely so when damage occurs to local data, data can be restored from off-site data backup
  • EonStor GSe supports synchronized backup and scheduled backup for complete data protection
  • Data can be restored based on multiple point-in-time images of the user’s choice
SED & Folder Encryption

Data in the hard disks is encrypted so even if the disks are taken away, the data inside is protected. The folders are also encrypted using 256bit AES to ensure security of enterprise data.

EonStor GSe Use Case
Lowest TCO for D2C / D2D2C Backup solution(Hybrid cloud backup)

Disk-to-cloud (D2C): Data is backed up from local storage to public/private cloud
Disk-to-disk-to-cloud (D2D2C): Data can be backed up to another storage system or to cloud
Infortrend Cloud Gateway Engine Technology opens a passage between EonStor GSe and public/private storage so that enterprises can enjoy not only the benefits of public/private cloud but also the high performance, security and freedom brought by EonStor GSe.

Supports high throughput for Media & Entertainment with stable performance

The storage demand for the process of media content creation requires a combination of read, write, IOPS and storage capacity. Infortrend's EonStor GSe performances complement one another and can easily handle the media content creation process as shown in the illustration. The ingest, render/transcode, content delivery, edit/composite sections of the media content creation highly rely on sequential read and write performances. The content delivery, edit/composite, digital asset and archive sections of the media content creation largely rely on storage capacity and the ability to scale.

Support up to 180K IOPS for OLTP Database
Works well with mainstream, database applications, including SQL, Oracle and My SQL
Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle Database
Cost-effective, Powerful, and Simple Desktop Virtualization Deployment
  • Powerful availability : All-flash and hybrid solutions for high performance computing and solving boot storms
  • Simple to deploy and manage : Intuitive EonOne interface and workflow automation GUI enable repeatable management tasks to be automated.
  • VMware, Citrix and Windows Hyper-V ready
  • Consolidates SAN and NAS in a single system to provide powerful storage features
  • Expansion scalability : up to 436 drives
  • High availability and reliability hardware protects mission critical data
Supports Exchange Mail systems of all scales

EonStor GSe supports Exchange Mail solutions of all scales and meets the challenge of the largest mail box space and the highest number of e-mail send/receive operations per second.

Meets the large capacity demand by the education sector
  • EonStor GSe enables a maximum of 230K IOPS to meet the high IOPS demand by the education sector.
  • EonStor GSe is expandable with up to 436 hard disks (4PB) to address the massive capacity requirements by course materials and FTP services at educational institutions.
Media Industries
Provides media industries with high bandwidth and stable performance
  • EonStor GSe supports multiple network protocols, cross-platform file sharing, seamless connection to digital media asset management systems and allows multiple workstations to access the storage system simultaneously.
  • With its wide-ranged data services, snapshots, automatic tiering, SSD Cache, reduced operation costs, maximized data security and availability, EonStor GSe provides complete support for video and other types of data.
  • Massive data processing requires large capacity as well as flexible expansion. EonStor GSe supports up to 436 hard disks, meeting customers’ growing demand in the future.
Delivers an integrated data service and a centralized management interface for governments
  • EonStor GSe has high bandwidth to support simultaneous read/write operations by multiple departments.
  • EonStor GSe integrates a smart cloud data service engine to help build a “government cloud.”
  • The centralized EonOne management interface enables easy and simple system management and resource monitoring.