Infortrend is pushing the limits again by launching the new EonStor GS series Turbo (T) models. Inheriting all the comprehensive features of the EonStor GS series, the turbo models are powered by 6-core CPU and dynamic CPU core assignment firmware, boosting block-level performance by 50% to meet demands by applications with highly random IOPS, such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and online transaction processing (OLTP). File-level throughput is up by 30% to support data-intensive applications such as file sharing and video-on-demand.

The EonStor GS turbo series dynamically adapt to the workload and automatically increase processor frequency when high performance is needed while reducing power consumption during light workload. The additional CPU power also means the EonStor GS turbo series have enhanced controller processing capabilities to handle tasks such as snapshots, thin provisioning, automatic storage tiering and replication so overall system efficiency also builds up.

More about EonStor GS Series

In addition to the turbo models’ boost in speed and efficiency, all EonStor GS series provide you more benefits:

Unified storage

consolidating file, block and object services in one system

Embedded cloud gateway

supporting private and public cloud services, including Amazon, Azure, and Google

Diverse interface options

8 or 16Gb/s FC, 10 or 40Gb/s iSCSI, 10Gb/s FCoE, 6 or 12Gb/s SAS and 56Gb/s InfiniBand

Comprehensive data services

SSD cache, automated storage tiering, remote replication, snapshot, thin provisioning, self-encrypting drives, AES-256 encryption, …

High availability & reliability

Symmetric active-active controllers, Intelligent Drive Recovery, SMB 3.0 transparent failover and multipathing, …


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