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Service Manager
Easy-breezy Support Service at Your Fingertips
  • Automatically reports system issues to Infortrend Service Center
  • Collects and sends system logs and configuration information
  • Accelerates RMA process and troubleshooting
  • Keeps track of your service requests
Service Manager
Three Steps to Activate Service Manager

Service Manager is integrated with the management software EonOne of EonStor GS and GSe families. Activate Service Manager when you set up the system and run EonOne for the first time. Just follow the configuration steps for Service Manager.

Menu of Service Manager
For Previously Purchased EonStor GS and GSe Systems :

Before activating Service Manager, please check

  • The system firmware must be version 121B18 or later.
  • If you are using Central EonOne to control multiple systems, upgrade it to version 2.3.b.17 or later.
    * Go to Infortrend Download Center to obtain the latest versions.

Activate Service Manager on EonOne or Central EonOne. Simply go to Main Menu -> Service Manager and fill in some basic information.

Application Notes

Click here to learn more about how Service Manager can help you.


If you have any question about how to activate Service Manager, please send email to our service center ( tsd@infortrend.com ).

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