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Local Replication

Snapshot and volume copy/mirror capabilities

In business-critical environments, users require strong protection for their valuable data sets. To help users protect data in the most efficient way, local replication leverages the power of Infortrend storage systems to provide snapshot and volume copy/mirror capabilities. With space-saving snapshot copies, users can easily restore files or rollback data as necessary. With the full data copies, users can quickly restore service when a RAID-protected volume fatally fails.

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Increased availability

  • Immediately use disk-based full data copies to support applications when source data volume fails; constantly mirrored copies minimize data loss
  • Restore files and roll back data in seconds; data is protected from accidental or malicious losses to ensure the highest system availability

Space-efficient, low-impact data protection with snapshots

  • Instantly take point-in-time data images and use them as granular recovery points while consuming minimum disk space and performance by storing only data changes

Flexible data copy deployment

  • Split and re-sync mirroring between source and copy as business needs require; flexibly leverage independent copies of production data for secondary applications

Simplified management

  • Take advantage of scheduling and capacity control mechanisms; minimal manual intervention is required to perform data protection

Affordable data protection

  • Extend data protection beyond RAID capabilities while staying within tight budgets

Close integration with applications

  • Ensure close integration with leading operating systems and common business applications  


Infortrend's local replication with snapshot and volume copy/mirror


* models very by region

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GS 3025A
  • Snapshot - Point-in-time, space-saving copies