Infortrend Launches 2U 25-bay High Density Blazing Speed All Flash Arrays

New Taipei City, Taiwan, 2nd May, 2017 – Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495) today announced the launch of Infortrend all-flash storage available in a new 2U 25-bay form factor in its EonStor GS family. The high density storage delivers lightning all-flash performance at more than 740K IOPS for random reads and less than 0.5 millisecond response time, in addition to providing extreme efficiency and cloud integration.

Infortrend all-flash storage is built to meet the demand for high-speed data transfer with not only SSDs but also firmware designed to optimize performance for random I/O access and therefore are suitable for virtualization and database applications. SSD optimization techniques, such as the prevention of repetitive program/erase, are employed to further enhance performance.

Storage efficiency is boosted by reducing the number of SSD erase cycles and evenly distributing writes to each block to lower latency, minimize SSD wear and extend SSD lifespan.

Accommodating 25 SSDs in a 2U enclosure, the new high density all-flash storage “EonStor GS 3025A” saves data center footprint and energy consumption.

In addition to blazing performance of on-premise storage, Infortrend all-flash storage also allows users to leverage cloud for cost-effective expansion, backup, and archiving. Enterprises running local SAN/NAS applications can easily integrate and expand their storage architecture with cloud services including AWS S3, Azure, Google Cloud, and Aliyun.

“Businesses today are embracing all-flash storage to deliver high speed performance as their mission-critical applications demand quick response. Infortrend all-flash storage combining performance and efficiency presents an ideal choice for organizations to benefit from all-flash storage with cloud integration at tremendous cost advantages,” said Thomas Kao, Senior Director of Product Planning at Infortrend.

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