Storage for SMBs

Fully fledged systems deliver enterprise-class performance and services at SMB-friendly budgets

Businesses keen on obtaining top-flight performance without straining their budgets are well-served by Infortrend storage technology. Rackmount RAID and NAS products deliver true enterprise-class performance and features at entry-level prices, supporting several roles on one efficient system with user friendly management and therefore encouraging growth – the ultimate goal of every SMB. They are loaded with exclusive Infortrend innovations, born of our all-inclusive, in-house approach to storage excellence. Flexible hardware allows SMBs to easily maintain systems without suffering downtime, and enables quick upgrades for longer-lasting storage.

Multiple protective and backup technologies ensure data remains accessible and safe, as SMBs cannot afford loss of service. Promoting expansion, massive scalability support provides ample room for “growth on demand”, accompanied by myriad essential data services such as snapshot, storage tiering, and remote replication. For SMB users, Infortrend storage is more than a tool: it is a partner in success.

* Models vary by region

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