Multi-pathing (EonPath)

Accelerate throughput and ensure uninterrupted operations

Infortrend's EonPath provides multi-path I/O functionality by recognizing and managing redundant data paths to an individual RAID volume. EonPath ensures greater reliability through the path failover mechanism in the event of cabling component failures. EonPath also comes with load balancing algorithms which help accelerate throughput across data links.

Infortrend EonPath is designed to handle data path failover while balancing workloads in Microsoft, Linux and Sun Solaris environments. Via the user-friendly GUI, users can easily manage and monitor their high availability configurations. During path failure, I/Os will be automatically routed to alternate paths without causing any disruption to applications in production. In performance-demanding environments, EonPath allows users to enable Active/Active policy on redundant paths. Coupled throughput of multiple data links reduces I/O bottlenecks and supports applications to deliver better productivity. Tightly integrated with operating system kernels, EonPath realizes business benefits by adding reliability and performance to IT environments.

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Features Benefits
Increased availability Eliminate system downtime caused by data path failure; in the event of cabling component failure, I/Os will be automatically directed to alternate data paths to ensure non-disruptive production
Enhanced performance Balances workloads across data paths; multiple data paths work together to enhance system performance with consolidated throughput
Flexible deployment Choose from a selection of load-balancing policies including Mini Queue Round Robin and Failover; flexible Active/Active and Active/Passive options allow users to configure the most suitable multi-pathing for their environments
Simplified management Easy-to-use interface for multi-pathing management and monitoring; no special training is required to configure path failover and load-balancing based on application requirements

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