ES B12S-J1000-S

ES B12S-J1000-S

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Fault-tolerant JBOD in a Compact 1U Chassis:

The B12S-J1000-R/S dual-/single-controller JBOD provides you the ease of easily attaching terabytes of capacity to the B12S and B12F RAID series. The B12S-J1000 houses 2.5-inch SAS interface disk drives. With data paths routed from dual-ported drives, to the SAS expanders on JBOD controllers, and to the host ports, data access is safe from single point of failure.

Expansion Links: Expansion over SAS Wide Links:

Similar to Fibre Channel expansion loops, SAS expander technologies also enable the ease of connections when the need arises for more capacity. All you have to do is to attach the cables and use a flatblade screwdriver to select an enclosure ID by a rotary switch. The SAS WWN addresses will be automatically applied to all the disk drives.

  1. A single-controller RAID can attach to 4 expansion enclosures (60 HDD) via SAS wide links.
  2. A redundant-controller RAID can attach to 3 expansion enclosures. Although the maximum no. of disk drives is reduced to 48, yet fault-tolerant links can be strung between RAID and JBOD enclosures.

Total Capacity with Expansion:

Up to 30TB (Max. Capacity Configuration - using 60 2.5-inch SATA HDD in single-controller RAID and JBOD)

- or -

14.4TB (Fault Tolerance Configuration - using 48 2.5-inch SAS HDD in dual-controller RAID and JBOD)


  1. Redundant-controller RAID – 3 JBOD
  2. Single-controller RAID – 4 JBOD
  3. 1U JBOD - Up to 4 JBOD for a total of 60 HDD

Host connectivity:

2 SFF-8088 wide ports per controller

Drive connectivity:

12 SAS HDD via a passive backplane

Enclosure dimensions:

Rackmount size 1U

Dimensions Without Chassis Ears With Chassis Ears
Height 43.5mm (1.71 inches) 43.5mm (1.71 inches)
Width 444.8mm (17.5 inches) 483mm (19 inches)
Length 497.8mm (19.6 inches) 500.6mm (19.7 inches)

Package dimensions:

780 x 590 x 240mm

System weight:

Gross weight – 20.42kg; Net weight – 13.36kg

Input Voltage

115VAC @ 6A

230VAC @ 3A with PFC (auto-switching)

Frequency 47 to 63Hz
Power Consumption 380W (max.)



Operating: 5% to 90% (non-condensing)

Non-operating: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)

Operating: 0o to 40oC (32o F to 104o F)

0o to 35oC (32o F to 95o F, if BBU is applied)

Non-operating: -40o to 60oC (-40o F to 149o F)


Operating: 3,658m (12,000 ft.)

Non-operating: 12,192m (40,000 ft.)

Shock (Half-sine)

Operating: 5G, half-sine, 11ms pulse width

Non-operating: 15G, half-sine, 11ms pulse width

Package: 60G, half-sine, 11ms pulse width


Operating: 5 to 500Hz, 0.25Grms, X/Y/Z Sine

Non-operating: 5 to 500Hz, 1.88Grms, X/Y/Z Sine


Operating: 5 to 500Hz, 0.2Grms, X/Y/Z Sine, 30min/sweep

Non-operating: 5 to 500Hz, 1.0Grms, X/Y/Z Sine, 30min/sweep

Acoustic Noise 65dBA boundary, 60dBA normal


  1. IEC 60068-2
  2. MIL-STD-810E/883E
  3. ISTA
  4. ASTM-D3332
  5. IPC-TM-650
  6. IEC 1000-4
  7. IEC 1000-3-2, IEC 1000-3-3
  8. ISO 7779/3744
  9. RoHS
  10. Microsfot WHQL-Windows Server 2003


  1. CE
    1. EN 55022: 1998/A1: 2000/A2: 2003
    2. EN 61000-3-2: 2000/A2: 2005
    3. EN 61000-3-3: 1995/A1: 2001
    4. EN 55024: 1998/A1: 2001/A2: 2003
  2. FCC (FCC Part 15, subpart B)
  3. BSMI (CNS 13438)


  1. UL (60950-1: 2003)
  2. BSMI
    1. CNS 14336: 1993
    2. IEC 60950-1, First Edition

Spare Parts

IFT-8ABS10J122 SAS to SAS JBOD controller module, for  B12S-J1000-R and B12S-J1000-S systems, 2 x SAS SFF-8088 host connectors.
IFT-9ACPSU Power supply module for EonStor 1U/12-bay series subsystems, 380W capacity
IFT-9ACFanMod Cooling fan module for EonStor 1U/12-bay series subsystems
IFT-9ACETRAY Drive tray, 2.5" drive
IFT-9270CmSASCab1 SAS external cable, SAS 4x to 4x (SFF-8088), 50cm.
IFT-9ACFANG Fan module interface board, for EonStor 1U/12-bay single controller subsystems.


IFT-9AS1DT2S1S Drive tray (2.5" HDD, Type-II handle and Type-II bezel), 2 SAS-to-1 SATA (SATA-II) MUX conversion, active-active port selector embedded, dual-controller subsystems
IFT-9270CmSASCab2 SAS external cable, SAS 4x to SAS 4x (SFF-8088), 120cm
IFT-9277CSlider36 Enhanced slide rail assembly for EonStor 1U/12-bay series subsystems, 24" to 36" rack depth

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