Cloud Service
Powerful Cloud Features to Leverage Flexibility of Cloud

To leverage the unlimited scalability and flexible “scale on demand” model of cloud storage, demands rise increasingly for storage solutions that combine the benefits of cloud and on-premises. By integrating Intelligent Cloud Gateway Engine and supporting both private and public cloud services, Infortrend storage systems offer cloud functions to make the most of advantages within only one license.

  • Save on costs for local hardware purchase and system maintenance
  • Tap into unlimited cloud storage and scale up as business grows
  • Public cloud services including Google, Amazon, Azure and Openstack private cloud are supported
  • Maintenance is made simple with Cloud Cache and Cloud Tiering

Cloud Cache
  • A copy of frequently accessed data is kept on local storage and all data is also flushed to cloud.
Cloud Cache
Cloud Tiering
  • Data that being frequently accessed is kept on local storage and the infrequently accessed one is migrated to cloud. The latest data will always be stored locally while the snapshots are stored in cloud to prevent any accidents at local side.
Cloud Tiering
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