EonCloud Gateway


Comprehensive Cloud Solution for Enterprise

Infortrend EonCloud Gateway is designed for enterprises to migrate their data between local and cloud in a transparent manner and provides connectivity to major cloud service providers such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Openstack Swift, and Alibaba Cloud. EonCloud Gateway offers differentiated features such as cloud cache, backup and tiering for cloud data management.

EonCloud Gateway

Benefits Highlights
Easy Cloud Integration with the Existing IT Environment and Applications

EonCloud Gateway supports general file-level or block-level as well as the local and cloud data through the common protocols (e.g. NFS /CIFS /iSCSI /Fibre). Therefore, companies who do not need to re-engineer existing IT systems or applications, can greatly reduce the difficulty of cloud integration.

EonCloud Gateway
Flexible Cache Policy Improves the Efficiency of Data Access

EonCloud allow enterprises to speed up cloud data access by caching the data that are frequently used and offers different types of cache policy settings so IT personnel can setup preferred policies.

  • Default
    The system will first clear caches of any files/folders that are unused for the longest time. This action applies globally to all files and folders regardless of the provided expression.
  • High Priority
    The system will set the highest retention priority to caches of specified files/folders, and will clear them last when the local cache capacity is full.
  • Local Only
    The system will keep newly written data on the local storage and will not upload them to the cloud.
  • Low Priority
    The system will set the lowest retention capacity for caches of specified files/folders, and will clear them first when the local cache capacity is full.
  • Not Applicable
    The system will not create files that match specified file paths and names, and will deny access to existing files that match.
  • Uncacheable for Read
    For any read access to specified files/folders, the system will not cache them locally.
  • Uncacheable for Write
    For any write access to specified files/folders, the system will upload newly written data to the cloud and will not cache them locally
EonCloud Gateway
Secure and Protect Enterprise Data
Data breach has always been the biggest concern for enterprises to put any data on the cloud. EonCloud Gateway supports :
  • Dencryption with user keeping the encryption key, and ensures no public cloud data can be decrypted by anyone else.
  • All transmissions to and from the cloud are SSL encrypted to ensure additional data security.
EonCloud Gateway
Cost-Saving on Cloud Storage and Network Bandwidth
The cost of cloud storage is based on the size of the data space in the cloud and the amount of bandwidth used. EonCloud Gateway built-in data compression and deduplication features can effectively reduce the cloud space usage.
  • Compress - Reduces data footprint.
  • Deduplication - To eliminate duplication or redundant information.
EonCloud Gateway

Product Highlights
Quick Setup Methods to Decrease Complexity

EonCloud Gateway provides five quick setup methods to connect your local shared folders and local volumes to the cloud. Five setup methods are available.

  • Cloud File Cache
    The system uploads a local shared folder’s data to the cloud for secure preservation. On the local storage, the system caches the shared folder’s highly-used data to allow immediate access.
  • EonCloud Gateway
  • Cloud File Sync
    The system syncs a local shared folder to the cloud to keep your data up-to-date. The folder’s data remain available on the cloud even when the local storage is down.
  • EonCloud Gateway
  • Cloud Volume Replication
    The system replicates a local volume to the cloud, and syncs local changes to the cloud to keep your data up-to-date. The volume’s data remain available on the cloud for immediate recovery.
  • EonCloud Gateway
  • Cloud Archiving Storage
    The system uploads all files to the cloud for secure preservation, and uses a local volume as a buffer storage for file uploads.
  • EonCloud Gateway
  • Cloud Tiering
    The system separates a local volume into two tiers according to data usage frequency: highly-used data are stored on the local storage for immediate access, while lesser-used data are securely preserved on the cloud.
  • EonCloud Gateway
File Permission

EonCloud Gateway supports access control list synchronization mechanism under a multiple storage environment via cloud for users' to read, write according to this list.

EonCloud Gateway

EonCloud Gateway comes with detailed reports and tools for IT administrators to monitor cloud connection status and system performance to allow IT personnel to modify settings immediately.

  • Cloud status overview - IT personnel can check the cloud status: connected/ pause…
  • Network data transmission capacity
  • Local access data capacity
  • Cache hit rate/ usage
EonCloud Gateway

Usage Scenario

Enterprise can depend on the demand to choose the cloud feature, performance or data protection.

Performance Desire
Block and File-Level Cloud Cache

In the cache mode, all data will be kept in the cloud and frequently accessed file will also be kept in the local site as local cache requires to improve access response rate and increases storage usage efficiency.

EonCloud Gateway
Block-Level Cloud Tiering

Cloud bucket is a storage tier, it can be implemented flexibly to expand and control the budget. The system will keep the hot data (frequently accessed) in the local site and cold data (less accessed) and move to the cloud.

EonCloud Gateway
Data Protection Desire
File-Level Cloud Sync

The data will be kept up to date in both cloud and local site, data will always mirror to ensure complete data backup. Enterprise can depend on different data requirement to set one-way sync or synchronize data to multiple storage in different places. It provides enterprise’s comprehensive cloud backup and flexible file sharing.

EonCloud Gateway
Block-Level Cloud Backup

The data will be restored in both cloud and local storage, the cloud will be a remote backup site.

EonCloud Gateway

License Detail
Type EonCloud Gateway Standard Enterprise Ultimate
File Cache/ Sync mode V V V
Max. Cache Settings 5 (90 days trial) 5 10
Cache Policy and Function Parameters All (90 days trial) Default(LRU)/
Low priority/
High Priorit/
90 days trial for others
Max. Connected Folder 5 5 32
Folder Cache Size ≤ 1TB ≤ 2PB ≤ 2PB
Block Cache/ Backup/ Tier Mode V (90 days trial) V V
Max. Connected Volume 5 5 32
Cloud Volume Capacity ≤ 1TB ≤ 2PB ≤ 2PB

Upgrade License Permission
Models Standard Enterprise Ultimate
GS 1000/ GSe/ GSe Pro Bundle V X
GS 2000/ 3000/ 4000/ 5000 Bundle V V
GSa Family Bundle V V
GSc 2000/ 3000 - Bundle V
GSc 5000 - - Bundle
GSi Family Bundle V V
Note : EonCloud System memory requirements: ≥ 8GB

Do we still maintain SynCloud/ Cloud Gateway?
Yes, we still maintain SyncCloud/Cloud Gateway, but we won’t add new feature or improve performance.
What will happen if users buy Cloud Gateway license key then upgrade to new FW?
It will upgrade to EonCloud Gateway Enterprise, users can still manage cloud through Cloud Gateway. When users try to connect to the same buckets that had been connected in Cloud Gateway, the system will suggest users to switch to EonCloud Gateway and transfer the setting automatically.


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