EonStor GSc Family

Hybrid Cloud Storage Appliances Designed to Streamline Enterprise Cloud Deployment and Access

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EonStor GSc family of hybrid cloud storage appliances are designed for businesses to streamline cloud deployment and access by moving and managing data between local and cloud in a transparent manner. Integrated with cloud storage gateway, GSc offers differentiated features in cloud cache, cloud backup, and cloud tiering. GSc family inherited company’s GS line of superior unified storage performance and available in 3 series.

Easy Cloud Integration with the Existing IT Environment and Applications

GSc provides enterprise IT applications with general file or block-level as well as the local and cloud data through the common protocols (e.g. NFS /CIFS /iSCSI /Fibre). Therefore, companies do not need to re-engineer existing IT systems or applications in order to connect to the cloud, greatly reduced the difficulty of cloud integration.

EonStor GSc

Faster Cloud Data Access

Since the cloud data is accessed through the Internet, the access speed is slow and latency is high, resulting in bad user experience. GSc can designate the local storage to act as cloud cache by placing frequently accessed data on the local side, allowing most of data access to be as fast as local.

EonStor GSc

Flexible Cache Policy Improves the Efficiency of Data Access

With more than 9 different types of cache policies, IT managers can set up the cache according to their needs. The default cache policy keeps the download data in the local cache, and if local space is insufficient the system will then delete less frequently accessed files. The high priority policy allows the data to be continuously retained in the local cache folder, such as frequently used work files. Uncacheable for write policy allows users to store data directly to the cloud instead of storing it in local cache, such as data backup files. The settings of these cache policies allow users to optimize use of local cache space and improve the efficiency of data access.

EonStor GSc

Secure and Protect Enterprise Data

Preventing data breach has always been the biggest concern for enterprises to put any data on the cloud. GSc supports data encryption with user keeping the encryption key, and ensures no public cloud data can be decrypted by anyone else. In addition, all transmissions to and from the cloud are SSL/TLS encrypted to ensure additional data security.

EonStor GSc

Cost-Saving on Cloud Storage and Network Bandwidth

The cost of cloud storage is based on the size of the data space in the cloud and the amount of bandwidth used. GSc with built-in data compression and deduplication features can effectively reduce the amount of cloud data space used, resulting in cost-savings for both network bandwidth and cloud storage.

EonStor GSc

Scalable Data Support

One major benefit of cloud storage is its flexible expandability. EonCloud Gateway supports PB level cloud storage capacity and billions of cloud files, completely meeting the massive data needs on the cloud of enterprises.

EonStor GSc

Access Control List (ACL) Synchronization via Cloud to Multiple Local Storages

When enterprise share files via the cloud to multiple local storages, maintaining access control of files have always been a challenging issue since cloud doesn’t really have a file system that supports ACL and making IT management difficult. GSc provides an access control list synchronization mechanism under a multiple storage environment via cloud, thus resolving this challenging issue.

EonStor GSc

Cloud File Sharing

GSc provides high compatibility with existing IT environment by allowing Enterprises to access cloud data using the common protocols such as CIFS/NFS. Enterprises can adjust storage resources between local and cloud dynamically to achieve optimal balance between cost and benefit.

EonOne - an Easy-to-Use Interface for Storage Management

With the constant evolution of storage platforms, the EonStor GSc adopted the all new EonOne management software to assist customers improve storage and service efficiency to increase productivity. Its intuitive interface and work flow design allows for centralized management of multiple systems, monitoring of performance and capacity usage, and completion of all related system configurations.


Hybrid Storage Arrays

From data growth, management of numerous hardware devices, to annual budget cuts, IT personnel need to face ever-changing challenges every day. The EonStor GSc can be set up as a hybrid cloud storage according to their needs, and combined with either SSD Cache or Automated Storage Tiering, it can utilize the high performance of SSDs and the large capacity of HDDs, while automatically moving frequently accessed data to SSDs to achieve simplified management and proper use of resources.

EonStor GSc

Rich Host Interface in GSc Family

As there is a wide range of enterprise applications, the required communication interface for each application may differ. Infortrend provides rich communication interfaces in SAN environments, including FC 16Gb/s, FC 8Gb/s, iSCSI 40Gb/s, iSCSI 10Gb/s, iSCSI 1Gb/s, InfiniBand 56Gb/s and SAS 12Gb/s to allow complete compatibility with all applications. Furthermore, 40GbE/10GbE/1GbE ports are also offered in network environments to provide fast and reliable data sharing and data transfer quality.

*Converged Host Board : 16Gb/s FC, 8Gb/s FC, 10Gb/s iSCSI, 10Gb/s FCoE
Host Interface

Multiple Form Factors to Choose From

Infortrend provides multiple specifications for storage systems and expansion enclosures such as 2U12-bay, 2U24-bay, 2U25-bay, 3U16-bay, 4U24-bay, 4U60-bay, etc. even in the same series, so that enterprises can choose what’s perfect for them according to their current or future needs.

Form Factor

Modular Design

From power supplies, fans, controllers, to host boards, all Infortrend products adopt modular designs to lower maintenance complexity and provide fast, precise technical support and RMA services, so that your storage system is free from any down time to maintain non-stop services and increase productivity and competitiveness.

Modular Design

GSc Use Case

Pharmaceutical Industry

Clinical-trial data is paramount for drug development and must be backed up and protected against any potential mishaps. Therefore, a Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution that includes both local and remote backup is needed to guarantee 100% data protection.

For the local backup, GSc offers high-IOPs performance to achieve low-latency real-time backup of the application data. For remote backup, GSc can integrate with the on premise DPM (Data Protection Manager) server using common protocols and serve as cloud cache to buffer these large backup files. These backup files can then securely transmit to the cloud service during off-peak hours.

Furthermore, GSc supports snapshot when unexpected error occurs, the enterprise can roll back the snapshot from the cloud to achieve disaster recovery solution. Therefore, in the pharmaceutical industry the GSc not only can play the backup role but a disaster recovery solution.

Use Case

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