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EonNAS 3000 Series

Versatile and powerful systems meet the needs of businesses and enterprises while still highly affordable

The EonNAS 3000 series delivers user-friendly unified storage tailored to SMBs. Data protection and integrity features include ZFS, while Global Namespace support enables streamlined management. Enterprise-level scalability and data services offer future-proof solutions, with the reliability and availability of redundant designs that keeps business continuity. Key EonNAS capabilities include remote access, consolidated file and block-based app server use, RAID, and snapshot/replication, ensuring consistently dependable storage.


Why EonNAS 3000?

  1. Unified storage works on file and block levels based on Solaris ZFS (open source)
  2. Modular hardware with active-active controller options
  3. Variety of host interfaces, including 16Gb/s FC and 10Gb/s iSCSI
  4. Compact chassis from 500mm depth
  5. Intuitive EonOne central management plus command line interface
  6. Scalable up to 256 drives via JBOD
  7. Includes unlimited snapshot and many other data services as standard

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