ES F16F-J4000-R

ES F16F-J4000-R



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  1. Expansion enclosure for Fibre-to-Fibre RAID systems
  2. Controllers with loop switches dynamically distribute data to individual disks
  3. Highest density, 16 drives in 3U rack space
  4. Redundant SBOD controllers
  5. Fault-tolerant dual-loop connectivity
  6. Two (2) 4G FC ports per controller
  7. Diagnostics LED panel
  8. Proprietary enclosure service via in-band connections with the managing RAID enclosure
Host-to-Drive Interface SBOD Model Corresponding RAID Subsystem(s) Configuration Form Factor
Model Max. Connection
4G FC to 4G FC F16F-J4000-R FF-R4030
7 + 7 SBODs Redundant loop-switched controllers 3U rack- mount
6 +7 SBODs
Host Interface
  1. Two (2) 4G FC ports per controller
  2. SES enclosure service via in-band methodology
Drive Interface
  1. Sixteen (16) hot swappable 4G FC disk drives
System Components
  1. Redundant SBOD controller configurations
  2. Fault-tolerant modules interfaced through a common backplane
  3. Redundant, hot swappable 530W power supply units
  4. Redundant, dual-speed cooling modules
  5. LED diagnostic panel
  6. Easy-to-use rotary ID switch to set AL_PA
  1. Management of multiple enclosures via RAID firmware and/or through GUI
  2. Module status LED indicators:
  3. Six (6) on LED panel (1 service LED and 5 status LEDs)
  4. Two (2) per drive tray
  5. Three (3) per controller module (1 Ready/Failed LED and two (2) Link status LEDs)
  6. One (1) per power supply unit
  7. Two (2) per cooling module

Physical / Electrical

  1. Host Interface: Two (2) SPF ports per SBOD controller.  
  2. Drive Interface: 4G FC
Power Supply Module
Power Requirements
Input Voltage 100VAC @ 9A
240VAC @ 4.5A with PFC (auto-switching)
Frequency 47 to 63Hz
Power Consumption 530W
Cooling Module
Speed High or low rotation speed controlled by firmware proactive mechanisms
Max. Airflow (each module) High speed: 90CFM
Low speed: 70.7CFM
Environmental Specifications
  1. Operating: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
  2. Non-operating: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
  1. Operating: 0º to 40ºC (32º F to 104º F)
  2. Non-operating: -40º to 60ºC (-40º F to 149º F)
  1. Operating: Sea level to 3,658m (12,000 ft.)
  2. Non-operating: Sea level to 12,192m (40,000 ft.)
Dimensions With Forearm Handles
(Not including rear-end protrusions)
Without Forearm Handles
Height 131mm (5.2 inches) 130mm (5.1 inches)
Width 482.6mm (19 inches) 445mm (17.5 inches)
Length 504.3mm (19.8 inches) 488.2mm (19.2 inches)
System weight
  1. Net Weight: 33kg (72.6 pounds)
  2. Gross Weight: 35kg (77 pounds)

Spare Parts

IFT-9273F4JIO2 4G-FC to 4G-FC SES SBOD controller module, 2 FC ports
IFT-9373CDTray 3.5" Hard disk drive tray
IFT-9273ECPSU Power supply module for EonStor 3U series, ASIC400 series subsystems, 530W capacity
IFT-9273ECFanMod Cooling fan module for EonStor, ASIC400, and 3U-profile series subsystems


IFT-9270CSFP4GA01 Agilent Fibre Channel 4.25/2.125/1.0625 GBd Small Form Pluggable Optical Transceiver, LC, wave-length 850nm, multi-mode
IFT-9270CFCCab01 Optical FC cable, LC-LC, MM-62.5/125, Duplex, LSZH, O.D.=1.8mmx2, 1 Meter
IFT-9270CFCCab02 Optical FC cable, LC-LC, MM-62.5/125, Duplex, LSZH, O.D.=1.8mmx2, 5 Meters
IFT-9270CFCCab03 Optical FC cable, LC-LC, MM-62.5/125, Duplex, LSZH, O.D.=1.8mmx2, 10 Meters
IFT-9273CSlider32 Slide rail assembly, for Enhanced ES 3U/16-bay subsystem, 23"~32" rack depth
IFT-9273CSlider36 Slide rail assembly, for Enhanced ES 3U/16-bay subsystem, 23"~36" rack depth

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