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EonServ for AI

Integrated with GPU, Windows Operating System and Storage

Integrated with GPU, Windows Operating System and Storage

EonServ for AI (EVi) is an integrated computing storage system for AI applications that supports both computing and storage services. EVi is equipped with the Windows sperating system, allowing users to install various AI-related applications.


Rackmount Solutions

EVi 5000 is a rackmount model that can be installed with a surveillance image analysis software like BriefCam to precisely search a certain object in hundreds of hours of video. It can also be installed with a media asset management software. In addition to meeting the requirement of large-capacity media asset storing, media editors can also use AI-related services, such as content review, celebrity recognition, object, scene, and activity detection when searching for media files, which significantly improves work efficiency. In the application of Smart Medical Imaging System (PACS), EVi provides necessary capacity for storing large medical images: X-ray, CT, MRI, etc. Moreover, it can support AI-related services, such as medical diagnostic imaging to assist doctors in making more accurate diagnoses.


All-in-One Design

With a single system integrating computing and storage services, users do not need to separately install computing hosts and storage arrays, which simplifies the installation process and reduces configuration costs.

All-in-One Design

Flexible Configuration of Computing System

EVi is represented with a complete product line, so users can flexibly select different combinations of processors and graphics cards to meet the computing performance requirements of different AI applications.

Flexible Configuration of Computing System

Storage Services for AI Applications

EVi storage system provides high storage performance to quickly read data from the storage pool and import it into the computing system. Storage capacity can be expanded to up to 7PB by connecting expansion enclosures with up to 436 hard drives. To avoid data loss caused by hard disk damage, EVi can be configured with various RAID protection levels (RAID 1/5/6/10/50/60).

EonServ for AI - High Performance
High Performance
EonServ for AI - High Capacity
High Capacity
EonServ for AI - Complete Data Protection
Complete Data Protection

Cableless Modular Design

To reduce management complexities, all hardware components have cableless and modular design, helping to quickly and easily replace damaged components. The components are hot-swappable, so users do not need to stop the system when replacing them. EVi also provides redundant power supply and fan, eliminating the risk of service interruption caused by damage of a single component.

Cableless Modular Design

Easy Management

EVi supports SANWatch – a proprietary web-based management interface that gives users full control over EVi and its storage environment. You can directly access the system configurations and information just through a web browser.

SANWatch - Easy Management
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