Service Manager

Automatic System Diagnosis and Dervice Request Submission

The primary function of Service Manager is to automatically detect and analyze the system errors. If the error is critical and requires further assistance from Infortrend's technical support, Service Manager, embedded in EonOne, can be configured to automatically submit the support ticket to Infortrend for faster service response.

An Intuitive Feature to Resolve both Hardware and Firmware Issues

Service Manager’s scope of automatic analysis isn’t just limited to hardware components. It also detects errors of your device’s firmware. When an error occurs, the Service Manager can keep track of the underlying issues and trigger corrective measures. If the error is hardware-related, Service Manager can trigger the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) process to our technical support and prepare replacement parts immediately. For firmware-related issues, Service Manager’s technical support will start the troubleshooting instantly.

Service Manager

No Direct Internet Connectivity Required

You don’t need direct Internet connection to submit service ticket in Service Manager. The service manager can be configured to use email server (SMTP) instead. This way your storage can stay within the firewall for optimal security. If your system has direct connection to Internet, Service Manager can instantly notify Infortrend via Application Program Interface (API).

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