Veeam® Backup & Replication delivers Availability for ALL workloads - virtual, physical, and cloud - from a single management console, extending Veeam’s leadership position from being the best for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V to #1 Availability for any app, any data on any cloud. It allows customers to completely get rid of legacy backup forever and brings backup and replication together into a single software solution.

As enterprises attempt to mitigate potential risks to business operations, it is important to consider modernizing backup and recovery capabilities to improve efficiency, data security, and reliability.
Challenge What You Need Solution
EonStor DS Family
The volume of data continues to increase, but the time and budget allotted to backup data has reached its limit.
A scalable, high-throughput storage system to reduce backup windows and the cost of purchasing another storage system to meet capacity requirements. Most Efficient and Easy to Scale
  • 11,000 MB/s seq. read and 5,500 MB/s seq. write throughput
  • Support for up to 436 drives (3.5")
  • Scalable via high density JBOD
Data Availability
The consequences of data loss can severely impact your business.
An intelligent and reliable system that ensures data protection to prevent disk failures. Most Reliable
  • Intelligent Drive Recovery feature
  • Hign reliability based on redundant hardware design (in house manufacturing)
Data generated from various sources such as different devices, locations, or virtual machines, increase the complexity of data integrity and management.
A backup solution that centralizes backup activities, simplifies management and ensures data integrity. Veeam Verification

Veeam Verification
Storage Model Number DS 1016R2
HDD NL-SAS HUS726060AL5210 6TB * 16
Connection Speed and Type 8Gb FC
Veeam Version 9.5
Veeam Repository Type Windows
Veeam Deduplication Enable inline data deduplication

EonStor DS
EonStor DS Family
  • Powerful performance made affordable
  • Hybrid host interconnect by default
  • Multiple cache protection solutions
  • Affordable from the start and growing with you
  • Enterprise-class data services


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