Docker User Guide

Docker is an open-source OS-level virtualization platform that allows users to develop, deploy, and run applications in independent containers. The Docker platform powered by Infortrend comes with graphic user interface (GUI). The GUI not only streamlines container management, but also features an App Store with a set of predefined containers for quick deployment.

Download Docker Apps List
Docker Apps List
Download Docker Application User Guide
Docker Application User Guide

App Store

  • When you reach the Docker interface, navigate to the left panel and click App Store.
  • The page displays preset Docker templates for applications such as Caffe2 and TensorFlow.
  • To find a desired Docker template:
    • Option 1. Select a desired category from the top-right menu to display belonging templates.
    • Option 2. Enter a keyword in the top search bar to find matching templates.
    • Option 3. Click on the sorting buttons on the top-right to sort templates in order.
App Store in EonOne


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